Happy Birthday 4th of July

When I was in town, I should have gotten a bag of cat food. What my CIL gave me the last time was a half bag if that much. Cuz said there’s a bag at their house but the back steps are hard to navigate with nothing in my hands so I’m not going to try it carrying something that big. What I do know is I doled out the last of the dry yesterday to some very hungry critters.

Friday being change the bed day, it was also flip and rotate the mattress. I’d tried to do that before with no luck but I’m a bit stronger now. It wasn’t the easiest thing I ever did but I got ‘er done. I rotated it first so the end at the top was the end at the bottom and then I flipped it. I amazed myself.

The lessons have been bugging me so I worked on them a bit, too. The style sheet needed modifying so I did that with mixed results. The colors came out okay which was the main thing. I tried to add links to the Biblia version of the first lesson but there were quotes littering the page when I got through. That comes with not having an equal number of closing quotes as open and I was in no mood to try to find the error. I added links to Biblia 02 and the first two BibleGateway lessons and gave it up for the day. Oh, I had to do some correcting to the latter, as well.

My academy roommate called me and is seriously considering getting off Facebook for a while because of all the hatred that is rampant. I, personally, ignore it and if it gets bad enough, I change the settings so I don’t see it. She’s had some bad experiences with it that I haven’t. If it were the same with me, I might have the same reaction.

Granddaughter1 is no longer a teenager. She turned 20 yesterday. She’s ‘way past wanting Granny Sue around for a celebration. I just sent her an ecard with a gift certificate. I saw where it was picked up so I know it arrived.

When I went to bed last night, I prayed that I would wake in time to get ready and get to church. It worked and I was dressed and on my way out the door except for my hearing aids. I stopped long enough to put them in but the left one wasn’t working. I figured it needed cleaning but where the straws were, I had no idea. I went to the bedroom and looked through the boxes until I found a packet with a few in it. Sure enough, it was plugged up and worked perfectly after the tiny bit of wax was removed.

I heard most of what was going on except for when I’d switch the aids off to keep from hearing things too well. That was during the music when it’s amplified too much. Before the sermon, there was a short clip which I thought was supposed to set the tone but then the speaker (the Cavalry) went off it in a totally different direction.

It’s rained off and on today (of course). I chose one of the off times to go out and get some cherry tomatoes for my salad. A lot of the fruit is splitting from too much of the wet stuff.

Since there was no dry food to give the Catz and Kittenz, I got out six cans of Fancy Feast and gave them to the four adult Catz that showed up to eat. The neighbor cat was skulking around, too, and may have horned in for a share. Later this afternoon, Six and two of the Kittenz came looking so I put another two cans out for them. Here came two of the Catz and the neighbor cat. Mama and babies ignored the interlopers and ate. At one point, the neighbor cat tried to bat the black kitten away but it wasn’t so easily discouraged. I’m down to two cans now.

I hear fireworks being set off and it sounds like rain is coming down again. Happy 4th, everyone!

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