The Cool Room

Today hasn’t been quite as hot. It “only” got up to 95 in the valley vs 97 yesterday. As for the mountain, 89 was a whopping one degree cooler. Needless to say, the cool room (aka pantry) hasn’t been cool. Since almost all of my foodstuffs have been moved in there, it’s been my concern that things will not hold up too well.

Today, I opened the door. It’s gradually cooled off while just as gradually raising the temperature in the rest of the house. The one little window unit really isn’t enough.

I’d kind of painted myself into a corner, town-wise. I didn’t want to go but I was down to one banana (very overripe) and two rolls of toilet paper. Friday at Walmart is like bumper cars but today was just about as bad. I got what I needed (for the most part) and vacated the premises. I’d been to Dollar Tree earlier where I bought half a dozen boxes of “kleenex” and some vegan noodles. I read online about vegan options there but I forgot most of them. I’ll have to try them along.

The Catz showed up late to be fed and when they did, the kitten scared the two off that were out there eating. Here it was, 1/3 the size of either of the other ones and they made way and let the little one have the pan of food all to itself. It finished eating, I suppose, before the other two got another bite.

Besides town (which was quite enough), I’ve also done a load of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Started loading it again, too. Started the distiller. Cleaned and filled the hummingbird feeders. That’s more than I’ve been doing so I feel pretty accomplished. It’s been too hot to do much, otherwise.

Oh, I bought two tomatoes that still have a way to go before they are both fully ripe. I’d thought about buying some cherry tomatoes but figured some in the garden might be getting there. Sure enough, I was able to pick two. There are some green tomatoes on the other plant but they are buried so deep in the foliage that it will take them some time to do anything. There’s a chance of rain tomorrow and Sabbath.

My fingernails are looking like claws. I’ll have to try to do something about them tomorrow. The last time I “did” them, it took forever because of the medication-induced tremors. Hopefully, my hands are back to normal enough for me to be able to do them without too many problems.

That about covers it for now. Bedtime is creeping up and I’m beginning to yawn.

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  1. Lila June 19, 2015 at 8:35 am #

    Seems to me you’re accomplishing more every day, and that’s good news!

    • Tommie June 19, 2015 at 9:20 am #

      I have my “on” days and “off” days, ’tis true.

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