A Hot One

After a soak in the tub, I was able to sleep well last night. Waking up at my usual time, I thought I’d close my eyes for five more minutes. I promptly went back to sleep and it was more like 30 minutes when I woke again. I think I’ll back off just a bit on the melatonin for tonight.

Not a whole lot has gone on today. I’ve spent most of it in relative darkness because having the light on creates quite a bit of heat. It got up to 82 degrees in the living room and hotter than that in the kitchen. I wasn’t encouraged to move around much.

My foot has hurt off and on today. It only hurts now and then when I walk so that’s another reason to stay put. When it hurts, it isn’t excruciating but I know all is not as it should be. I don’t want to make it any worse.

There’s only one small clip fan that I don’t have going. I’ve turned the a/c on high, the stand fan on high, and the EcoBreeze is going as hard as it will go. The warm air isn’t sitting still, at least. The weather station says it’s trending from sun to partly cloudy. If the clouds move in tonight, it won’t do much to cool things off. If it’s cloudy tomorrow…I don’t guess I should hope for rain.

Only two Catz showed up today to be fed but someone ate all the food. Since I don’t sit on the deck in this weather, I have no idea if it were more Catz or if the white cat that doesn’t belong here helped.

I looked out to see if I could spot fireflies but there weren’t any I could see. DD was disappointed they weren’t out when they were here in April. Her boyfriend has never seen them and she wanted to give him the experience.

The time has come to shut this down and hope for another good night. As hot as it is in the house, I think “pray” might be a better thing to do.

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