I went to sleep last night just fine but I woke—and could not go back to sleep—‘way too early. I watched the sky lighten and wished I were asleep. Tonight, I won’t go to bed as early and maybe I won’t wake before the crack of dawn.

At 10, my nurse friend came and gave me my B-12 shot. I really hate to impose on her. I feel like it really is an imposition.

My melatonin came and I hope the heat of the mailbox didn’t render it useless. I’m going to take just a bit of it along with the doxepin and see if it will help me stay asleep. I know I got it with the sleep aid in the hospital so it should be okay. Not only did I get it, I got 6mg. That’s about four times the dose I take here at home.

I’m still trembly and a bit on the weak side but my concentration is much, much better. I guess getting back to normal one thing at a time is preferable to not getting back to normal at all. My energy level is in the basement so I didn’t do a lot today.

The weather isn’t encouraging when it comes to doing much. The high in the valley was 97. It got to 90 here and almost made it to 82 in the kitchen. Where I’m sitting, it’s 78 at the moment. I’m glad I have that little window unit. 80 degrees is a lot easier to handle than what it COULD get to be in the house.

My container gardening isn’t working out well at all. It’s very evident that my cilantro and arugula are being reclined on by feline bodies. If I could sit out there and guard everything, it might do better but I wasn’t overly enthused by it in the beginning. It was more the goal of Cuz that I should have plants on the deck. With the transparent roof (in retrospect, a bad choice), it gets even hotter than it is out in the yard. Things tend to cook. About the only thing that has done well is the dusty miller and it’s thriving.

I looked out and saw a hummingbird today so I’ll keep feeding it. I noticed that one feeder is close to empty and I knew nothing else could get to it but a hummer.

The last of the cashew milk (vanilla) was used yesterday. I like the unsweetened better. I hope there’s an unsweetened vanilla in the offing but the regular is too sweet for my liking. Today, I opened the Silk coconut milk, original. I’m not impressed. It’s thick but still tastes a bit watery. I think I’ll like the coconut/almond blend better but I have to make my way through this first. I do know I’m not crazy about the chocolate cashew. Again, it’s too sweet. The chocolate almond is a much better choice there. The way I make the chocolate drinkable is to mix in Dandy Blend. A heaping teaspoon of that and it isn’t half bad.

This morning, my foot was still painful to walk on but, as the day went on, it got better. I was able to make it to and from the mailbox with no problem and walking around the house has been pain-free. I didn’t try rebounding yet. I need more get up and go to do that.

It’s already past the time I’ve been going to bed. I’m sleepy but I’ll live.

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  1. Mary Jane June 16, 2015 at 7:01 am #

    Glad you can take a little melatonin. Even a tiny, tiny bit makes me draggy a day or two later. I have melatonin cream that use on my temples when I can’t sleep, and I think it helps at least a little and doesn’t have an aftereffect.

    • Tommie June 16, 2015 at 3:06 pm #

      I did sleep better last night. I may try just the melatonin when I get brave.

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