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Friday was a busy day. I’d sworn I’d never go shopping again on Friday but here I was. I’d checked with a pharmacy the day before about getting my B12 prescription transferred. If I didn’t pick it up on Friday, it would be Tuesday before I could because they are closed tomorrow. So…such is life. Make a resolution, break a resolution.

My list all made, ads printed off and coupons in hand, I started out. I picked up the prescription first because it was ‘way up at the other end of town. The car was in need of gas, too. I hadn’t filled it up since February 13. That tank of gas lasted a long time.

The trip to Walmart was uneventful. For a wonder, I didn’t see a soul I knew at any of the places I shopped. My trip through the checkout reinforced my need to pay attention. The large container of blueberries that were marked $4.98 in the produce section rang up at $1 more. I called the cashier on it who had it checked out and yes, I was right. It was corrected forthwith.

When I got home, the Catz were crazy for food. I’d fed them on Thursday but there was very little food left. One of them had tangled with something and its ear has flopped. It was more aggressive than the others and actually came through the screen into the house looking for food. I chased it out and brought the food dish inside. I put what was left in it (which barely covered the bottom) and set it back out. I knew I had some canned left from what I’d bought Twinkle so I texted Cuz and found out where it was. I put four cans full in their dish and it was all licked up. Cuz brought me a new bag of food Sabbath morning.

I was so tempted not to go to church. I felt just this side of awful. However, I mixed a can of Nutabella with chopped celery and Just Mayo, grabbed three boxes of Earth Balance “cheddar” crackers and set forth. I didn’t feel like I should be driving so I was extra careful.

I’d remembered to put in my hearing aids. If I was going to be there, I wanted to be sure to hear what was being said. Well. A fat lot of good it did me. The guest speaker had enough of an accent that I wasn’t able to understand 9/10 of what he said, anyway.

Lunch was better than usual. There were two tables set up and most of the food was vegan. One table was all vegan and 3/4 of the other table. The guests were all vegan and it was done in their honor. However, it surely made it easier on me.

My offering was a hit and the Nutabella was licked up. I gave away the rest of the crackers to my friend for her sons since one of them, especially, loved them. He was so excited to find “cheese” crackers that weren’t really cheese.

There was another meeting in the afternoon (and one today) but I hauled myself home and collapsed. I was sitting in Mother’s chair, inert, when something caught my eye. It was a huge bumblebee crawling on the arm of the loveseat. I got a small jar, caught it and put it out. That took the rest of my energy.

The rest of the day was spent napping. I woke up from one, was up for a little while, took another and didn’t wake until 9:30. I did my bit on the blog, went back to bed and slept, except for a little over an hour when I was awake, until 7:30.

I’ve felt better today. However, I’ve done next to nothing. I’ve been eating better than I did when I was out of almost anything fresh. Breakfast was my last grapefruit, juiced, a mango with a couple of handfuls of blueberries and half an avo mashed up on a piece of toast. Oh, and I had some chocolate chips, too. Lunch was an artichoke and a couple of Super Duper Gut Bombs. And I set the timer so I could take my vitamins. I can’t take them within two hours of the propranolol. I found out that it has the second “r” after I’d been spelling it wrong.

DD called when I was in the bathroom. It didn’t ring through to the phone but it rang on the computer since she called my Google Voice number. I called her back but my hand got tired holding the phone after half an hour. I have to hold it to my left ear with my right hand. I guess I need to invest in one that has a handset that will take earphones but my budget isn’t “buy” friendly right now.

As I’ve said before, I’ve been invited to a Memorial Day celebration at Cuz’ “other” house but I seriously doubt that I’ll go. I’ve never been a “partier” and I’m not likely to start now.

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