Strawberry Time

Failure to take my nighttime meds is not an option but I did it last night. I didn’t realize what I’d done until it was too late to rectify it. I didn’t sleep as well as usual and was awake for I don’t know how long before I went back to sleep. I remember dreaming but I’m not real clear what it was about except DD was small enough to be potty-training.

Cuz had to go to see about a job early this morning so it was later when she came over. She had to go see about yet another job on the church side of the mountain so she asked if there were anything I needed. Strawberries! I knew there were people setting up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the season. I’d seen them when DD and her boyfriend were here and, while I would have stopped, she zoomed right on by. I asked Cuz to get me “one or two quarts”. I don’t like strawberries frozen so I just wanted some to eat along.

The job inspection took quite a while but she’d gotten the berries. They’re pretty but not all of them are completely ripe. Whoever sold them to her told her those would ripen. Not so, said I. Either that person is completely ignorant when it comes to strawberries or it was a lie. In either case, three quarts was one too many. I don’t think Cuz realizes how not up to par I still am. We were standing in the kitchen talking and I finally had to insist we come to the living room and sit down.

I fixed about a pint of berries for supper and ate most of them plain. Then I mixed in some chia pudding and ate the rest of them that way. I thought about taking a picture but they didn’t really look pretty. I also had a guacamole sandwich–mashed avocado, sliced tomato and onion. I’m not hungry.

When Cuz came over the next time, I talked her into taking some berries back. I meant for her to take a quart but she “topped off” the two that were left and took the partial cup.

There are directions on how to make berries last and I tried to do it from memory. I didn’t use as much vinegar as the directions say but neither do I know where my salad spinner is to spin them dry. I’ll hope for the best.

I’m locked in for the night so I’ll go take my medicine and crawl into bed. The temperature has finally fallen below 80. Maybe I can sleep.

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