Sallying Forth

It wasn’t quite 8:30 when I went to bed last night and I slept (with bathroom breaks) until around 7. I’ve felt much better today, for the most part.

Today was B12 day. I was able to pray my way through filling the syringe and shooting myself. It seemed the needle was a bit blunted but I finally got it to penetrate my tender flesh.

Roadside assistance wasn’t called, after all. Cuz made it home late morning and gave me a choice. Get the car started and take it in or take the battery out. Since the battery was very weak, it was decided to take it out. Bless her heart, she had quite a time getting the job done and I was sorry I’d made such a bad decision. She invited me to go along to get the replacement but I wasn’t ready so I declined.

After a phone call to find out what make and model the car is, the battery was purchased and my credit card was hit with $117+.

Putting the battery in wasn’t as time-consuming as taking it out was. The alarm was set off once vs twice before. I was able to stop it all three times with the little locker/unlocker/panic thingy.

After she got done and gave me the go ahead to go ahead, I went out to set the clock. When I got there, I realized I hadn’t the foggiest idea what time it was. I came in and got one of my atomic clocks and went back out to do the deed. Then I tried to do the settings on the radio but couldn’t remember how. I did set some of the stations.

I had on one of Mother’s dresses so I added underpinnings and was convinced I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. I set out for Walmart and found that it felt like there had been no break in my driving. I was dismayed to find the a/c didn’t work but it occurred to me that it might help to turn it on. I pushed a couple of buttons and, ah! cool air!

While I was in the produce department at Walmart, I saw a man from church. We visited briefly and I went on. I have some arugula seed from prior years but I don’t know if it’s viable or not so I proceeded to the garden department to find seed. That’s when I saw a woman I’ve known since she was very young.

Surely I wouldn’t see anyone else. I was back on the other side of the store when I heard someone say, “Tommie SUE!” It was one of my favorite people who worked at the hospital and is now retired. She chastised me for not calling her when I got sick but the thought had never crossed my mind. We got to talking about other things and B12 came up. She said she’d be glad to give me the shots and I think I’ll take her up on it. Whether I go there or she comes here, it sounds like a plan. I thanked the Lord that I hadn’t missed seeing her.

Checking out, the girl was very thoughtful not to put too much in any of the bags. I appreciated that. I must’ve looked awfully weak.

Back on the mountain, I went to the produce place. No one was there but a fellow in a pickup saw me. He came wheeling in and asked what I needed. I only wanted some tomatoes. He bagged some up for me but didn’t have change for a $20. He’d go to the house to get some money. I waited. Then one of the owners came and found enough to square us. His son died recently and I expressed my sympathy.

At home, Cuz met me and unloaded everything for me. She even put things away. By that time, I was about bushed with more than 4k steps on my pedometer (oh, I forgot to mention that I’d done my Home Health exercises this morning). When she left, I sat down and soon went to sleep. I didn’t sleep long but it helped.

When Cuz checked on me again, I was getting ready to eat a tomato and onion sandwich. She didn’t stay but cautioned me on the use of the knife. I make her nervous. I’ll have her know I was using knives ‘way before she was born. I had two children before she was born.

Well, Cuz said she’s going to turn in early tonight. I think I’ll follow suit.

4 Responses to Sallying Forth

  1. Lila May 5, 2015 at 9:39 pm #

    Glad you have been liberated!

  2. Mary Jane May 6, 2015 at 9:11 am #

    Free at last! I’m sure it was good to be able to be able to go on your errands (not so good to have to get a new battery, though).

    It’s wonderful that you will have somebody to “shoot” you–I really don’t believe I could give anybody (especially myself!) a shot. Glad you won’t have to continue doing it unless you choose to.It was surely not a coincidence that you got together in the store, but a special blessing from heaven.

    • Tommie May 6, 2015 at 9:53 am #

      It was nice to be out on my own. I think I’ve had a pretty good run with batteries, though. The third one in 15 years can’t be too bad.

      Believe me, I prayed my way through the shot yesterday. At one time, I didn’t think I could ever shoot myself but I found out differently after there was (I thought) no one else to do it. I’m convinced I didn’t meet my friend by chance, either.

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