Oh, Cooler!

My sister emailed that it was in the mid-30s last night at her house. That made me curious so I checked MIN/MAX on the thermometer and it was 38 here. Now, that’s just a tad bit on the cool side.

Sleep was better last night and I woke at 6. I stayed in bed for another almost two hours, wondering when the PTA would call about coming out for my therapy. The phone didn’t ring so I figured today would be a late day.

Lots of mornings, I don’t check email or Facebook until on up in the day but I decided I’d see what was going on. There was a missed call from—the PTA. When I picked up the handset, the MagicJack voice said, “Check your Internet connection.” Sure enough, the netbook was on standby. I got it started up again and called the PTA back. He’d be here in 30 to 45 minutes. That gave me enough time to take a bath and don some clothes. I didn’t know if we’d be braving the cool and the wind so I dressed in sweats.

While I waited, I called and paid one of my hospital accounts, taking advantage of the 10% discount.

When he got here, he ‘lowed that 48 degrees and a stiff breeze was a little much and I was relieved. BP was 120/64 and pulse was 76. We got into the exercises and I’m surprised my thighs aren’t tender.

After he left, Cuz came over and wanted to know when I’d be ready to go to town. I still had my devotions and breakfast to go so it was decided I’d give her notice when I was about 15 minutes away from walking out the door.

Our mode of travel today was the CP’s truck. The van is in the hospital for repairs. It’s quite a climb to get in but I made it.

I was armed with coupons and printouts from UGO and ALbrecht DIscount. With the latter, I got a nice English cucumber for a quarter and 8 ozzies mushrooms for 89 cents. A woman was passing out coupons for free packages of Quorn so we each got one package to give to Cuz’ sister (who is also my cousin). Quorn is meatless but not vegan. Too bad they are missing out on a whole ‘nuther market.

After we got all our food items, we headed to the plants and stocked up on flowers and herbs. Cuz got a couple of tomato plants, too, for CP to plant and I got him some onion sets.

At Bi-Lo, I got a free pint of So Delicious ice cream. I do like these coupons for free items—especially when they cost as much as that does!

Back home, I got the rest of the ice cream out of the freezer in the garage to put in the freezer in the house. I was relieved to find that I have two cartons of Vanilla Bean when I thought I just had one.

Cuz unloaded everything and I put away.

I planted cilantro and burpless cucumbers and I think I drowned the former. I may have to replant but I do have seed left.

The day had taken its toll and I finally had to give up and crawl in bed. While I was resting, Cuz got the car started and took it out for a short spin. I’m sure it was glad to move from the spot it had been in for more than two months.

My rest turned into completely conked out and I woke at almost 7. I closed the front door and the blinds and headed to the kitchen where I started unloading the dishwasher.

Cuz came over and it was decided that with the temperature predicted to be 38 in the valley, the more tender plants should probably be brought in. They’ll have to wait for warmer nights before they are planted. I’ve heard that tomato plants are pretty much dormant at 50 degrees so why tempt fate?

I wore my O2 during my therapy for the first time in two days. I didn’t take George with me shopping and did just fine. Yesterday, Cuz wanted to know what my O2 sat was. I got my little oximeter and checked. It was at 97% at first and went to 95%. She was alarmed. My pulse was 76 and she thought that was my O2. I assured her it wasn’t.

Earlier this evening, she wondered if I would be able to sleep tonight. I told her I didn’t think I’d be able to stay awake if I wanted to. I’m pooped.

4 Responses to Oh, Cooler!

  1. Mary Jane April 25, 2015 at 9:35 pm #

    You had quite a day! I’d be happy to find some of those freebies you mentioned. I got avocados for .29 Thursday at Aldi. Had half of one that night and it was perfect.

    • Tommie April 25, 2015 at 9:48 pm #

      Enter giveaways and win and you just might get the freebies, too!

      • Peach April 27, 2015 at 7:42 pm #

        Hey Tommie, where are you? hope you are ok

        • Tommie April 27, 2015 at 9:53 pm #

          I’m okay. Just busy.

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