I was cold in the night so I didn’t sleep wonderfully well. When I was able to get awake enough, I put another blanket on the bed (it was folded up at the foot) and went back to sleep. When the phone rang at 8 o’clock, I was fast asleep and dreaming. Even so, I was able to spring from my bed and answer before it went to voice mail. I really need to remember to put a handset where it’s handier. It was clear across the room.

The caller was the PTA. Yes, I have been approved for more physical therapy and he’d be out in about an hour. Put on my running shoes because I was going to run while he watched. Then he laughed and said that we were going to walk outside today.

It was a beautiful morning but cool so I bathed and put on some of my sweats with—yes, my running shoes. He was right on time and got me suited up with the portable O2.

He was dressed in bright red scrubs which was good if there were any traffic but there was none. We went up the driveway, then down the road to the second telephone pole and back. He said it was 5-600 feet but I could’ve sworn it was more like a mile.

Back inside, I went through a battery of three sitting-down exercises. I could really feel a couple of them in my thighs.

He’d checked my BP at 122/76. When the nurse came, it was 100/62. The shot she gave me today was the easiest so far.

Cuz came over this afternoon and showed me the planters and containers she’d filled with dirt. If I plant all of them, I’ll have quite a garden on the deck. Later this evening, the Catz were nosing around so I got a shaker of chili pepper flakes and liberally sprinkled all of the surfaces. I hope it works. I weeded the strawberries and got the bed about half done when I pooped out.

We’ve both had the same idea of planting a patch of catnip away from the areas we want the Catz to leave alone. I’ll be curious to see if it works.

Late this afternoon, Cuz got back from town with a couple of bananas for me. They’re still pretty green but maybe they’ll be edible in a couple of days.

I’ve been working on the lessons and getting them done gradually. I’d uploaded both versions of lesson 7 today when the editor came along and overwrote both of them. No biggie. I uploaded again and she’ll have to download and make her corrections on the latest files.

Well, folks, that’s about it. When I can feel well enough to do it, I’m gonna break out of being homebound and take a roadtrip in my own little car. I’m just about past cabin fever and into the climbing the walls stage.

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  1. Mary Jane April 22, 2015 at 5:54 pm #

    Sounds like quite a workout! glad you could do it.

    Hope the pepper and catnip will keep the cats from molesting your “garden.” I have a spray bottle of hot pepper wax to use when (and if!) I have plants planted and up.

    • Tommie April 22, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

      I hope all of our efforts prove fruitful!

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