An Intense Dislike

Roger hates the word “hate”. He believes the negativity affects the body, well, negatively. I can see his point so I’ll just say I have an intense dislike for having to live with Ralph 24/7. Wherever I go, he goes—most of the time. If I forget and don’t pull him along actively enough, I’m stopped in my tracks and have to go back and re-do. I’m always having to retrace my steps because I can’t go around a circle that’s always been there without having to unwind at some point.

Well, last night, I kept having to push the nose-piece back into place. I finally took it off and draped it with the beginnings of Ralph on the rebounder balance bar. During the wee hours, something started shrieking. I thought, at first, it was the condenser so I turned it off. It kept on. Checking the carbon monoxide detector in the living room proved futile. It was the one in the kitchen. It wouldn’t hush until I replaced the batteries. I wasn’t sure I could go back to sleep but I must’ve because I woke again at 7.

I’d had a full day yesterday. Cuz came by and brought me two bags of oranges on sale at Bi-Lo. She was able to stay for a while and visit.

I’ve been cleaning out the fridge little by little and finally got around to trashing the burgers Cuz and I made. The fatal flaw was adding ‘way too much oatmeal to the mixture and not balancing it out by increasing the other ingredients. I decided to make some more. Not wanting to get into a full-scale manufacturing deal, I used two cups water and two cups oats and scaled the rest to match. Oh! What nudged me on was getting my latest shipment of oats from Amazon. The UPS guy had brought the package into the house and even partially opened it for me.

Besides the burgers, I baked some sweet potatoes I’d gotten at ALDI. I planned to have a good Sabbath meal.

Later in the afternoon, I checked my case of Amy’s soup and found there was more than one can dented. There were, in fact, eight. I sat me down and filed an incident report with Amazon and a replacement case will be here Monday. While I was at it, I let Earth Balance know the inner package of vegan cheddar squares was torn and they’re sending a coupon for a free package of whatever to replace it.

My bath out of the way, I didn’t want to crawl into a dirty bed so I stripped the sheets and washed them with my towel and bath mats. I took care NOT to use softener and my towel is back to normal after being squishy soft and hard to dry with for far too long. I was primed for having a hard time replacing the sheets since Cuz always pulls the bed out to do it but it turned out to be no problem. I guess she makes it harder than it should be. 🙂

Oh, the bulletin was also to line up and publish. I’ve given up transferring it to a different template. I just make it look as good as possible and leave the content alone. I don’t even proofread it any more.

I was tired enough that I went to bed shortly after 8 o’clock. And then the happenings of the second paragraph ensued.

Cuz called to check on me. It’s nice that someone out there cares.

In spite of the early morning happenings, I was alert enough to watch #5 in the Breakthrough series. That’s what they were having at church and I try to go along with what they do as much as I can.

After it was over, I set about getting my lunch ready. I had the pan on for gravy and it was getting hot when the phone rang. It was the Computer Owner saying she was coming out with a plate from the fellowship meal. I was horrified. Not that she was coming out—that would have been fine. The plate from the meal is what gave me pause. The food that’s left after everyone has had their fill is usually what people don’t like. I’d had that experience before and had to throw away most of it. One of my friends cooks with no salt and while the food might be tasty to her, it’s lost on me. Even when I eat at a fellowship meal, I often come home and eat again.

It dawned on me when I hung up that she probably took my refusal of the meal as a refusal to see her and that wasn’t what I intended. I felt bad and hoped that wasn’t the case.

I went ahead and ate (after I got the gravy going again and made) and it was a good meal. Besides the burger, gravy and sweet potato, I had broccoli and beet salad. YUM!! No one need think I can’t fend for myself because I can. I’m probably as well-equipped as anyone around to stave off starvation.

After my meal, I called Genese and we had a little over a half hour conversation. We talked some about the giveaway and it has occurred to me that Kimberly hasn’t entered. Maybe she can’t do it with her phone. I don’t know. Anyway, it was good to visit even if it wasn’t in person.

I settled into Mother’s chair and was soon dozing. I got up, got into bed and took a nap. I have no idea how long it was. I didn’t care.

It must not be two weeks yet. I don’t know how long it takes for two weeks to go by and for everyone to be well but it seems like it should be any day now.

Off and on, I have fed the Catz today. Only one seemed like it was really hungry. Cuz thinks they may be getting fed elsewhere, too.

Supper was a piece of toast. Period. I didn’t NEED that but I’m supposed to be eating three meals a day and that was the third one. I have my bedtime pills sitting out in a medicine cup so I can take them before I fly up.

Before I sign off, just one more reminder! The giveaway ends tomorrow night so if you haven’t entered, time’s a’wastin’!

4 Responses to An Intense Dislike

  1. Lila April 11, 2015 at 10:24 pm #

    I’m wondering who is supposed to be well in two weeks.

    • Tommie April 12, 2015 at 8:57 am #

      Well is what has been waited on for DS1 and his to come visit.

  2. Mary Jane April 12, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    Sounds like you are well on the way to being well!

    • Tommie April 12, 2015 at 9:40 am #

      I hope you’re right. It will be some time before I can do away with Ralph, though.

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