Three Day Stretch

Thursday. That was, at least, a day and a half if not two days. I was up in the early to get ready to go see my pulmonologist at 11:15 that old daylight kind of time. It meant leaving here at 9 or so Tommie Time. WHEW!

With the portable O2 almost guaranteed to work, Cuz got me all outfitted and we were on our way. It was a beautiful morning, overcast but warmish. Trees were budded out and blooming everywhere. A lot was right with the world.

Getting to the destination was no problem. Finding a parking place was. We wound around and around until there was one big enough for the van to fit into.

We walked from the van to the elevator (probably 25 feet) then from the elevator to the far end of the food court before I had to sit down. Normally, I could have be-bopped on through but not with hauling along an oxygen tank. I saw a man with an O2 concentrator and was envious. It’s the first time I might have actively coveted something in many a year. He could go from now until the batteries died without having to stop.

After a brief rest, we went the rest of the way and I signed in. No one asked for my credit card so I don’t know what the deal was. Maybe it was global because I’d been in the hospital?

Weighed and BP’ed, I didn’t wait long before the doctor came in. He was unaware I’d been in the hospital but he pronounced it probably unavoidable. I pronounce it unavoidable, period. We did some back and forth about surgery and he said he’d refer me to a rheumatologist to rule out any arthritis (he can’t take my word for it) and to a gastroenterologist about my reflux. I’ll be so glad when/if the ologists are history.

I reported my new meds. He doesn’t like my being on Reglan because of the side effects. I don’t like it, either, but I don’t like what happens when I don’t take it—which is increased reflux. He asked if the breathing treatments help. Only if I’m congested. I can discontinue them unless I felt the need. Thank goodness and praise the Lord. I haven’t had one since and I don’t feel worse.

DO I cough? Some and it’s more often after I eat. Reflux. I know.

He was a bit miffed that I hadn’t had the high res CT when I was there in November. I’d had a CT but not the one he wanted. Well, THAT was $100 well wasted. He also ordered an echocardiogram and arterial blood gases. One was scheduled right after the other. I consented to be taken to the echo via wheelchair since it was so far. The techs were very business-like and didn’t reveal anything except for the phlebotomist. She let me know my O2 level was good even after not having supplemental oxygen for 20 minutes. It was after 3 that old daylight time before we left the hospital.

It’s been years since I’d been to the bakery downtown that has such good bread. I had the address written down and Cuz keyed it into the GPS. Turns out we should have gone straight leaving the hospital but the GPS hadn’t gotten a “fix” on us yet. When she got headed in the right direction, it was just a few minutes away.

The smell alone was something to go there for. It even smelled good to Cuz and she’s very picky. As soon as we got inside, I loaded up on bread and she even found a loaf she wanted to buy. We were too late for lunch but we planned to eat elsewhere, anyway.

A few drops of rain had started to fall and it opened up and poured as soon as we got on the highway headed to Moe’s Southwestern Grill. The food was good but I’ll have to give the nod to the Mexican restaurant closer to home. It has the edge.

Next was ALDI. Cuz had never had the ALDI experience. It started with “renting” a cart for a quarter. Going through the store, I knew what I wanted to get. She was a free spirit who flitted from one good buy to another. It was fun to watch her. I think I made them a new customer.

Our last stop was Walmart to get my prescriptions and try to get a haircut. The tattooed lady was booked (she had hot pink hair this trip) so I’m still the Woman with the Flowing Tresses.

I was pooped when we got back. Thankfully, Cuz brought everything in and put it away. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

After that, she put another layer of “mud” on the ceiling. She’s like the Energizer Bunny. She keeps going and going and going.

It was barely dark before I decided I’d had enough and I went to bed. I woke in the early hours and was awake for maybe an hour, then went back to sleep and slept until 7:45. I think.

Yesterday was busy, too. The PTA came and walked me through my exercises. Just as I thought, it was 25 of this and 25 of that. Next time it will probably be 30.

I asked about his tattoo. He said when he thought about getting one, he wanted it to mean something. The barbed wire reminds him that he needed to listen to his mother. A city boy, he was new to the country where they were visiting relatives. Across the road was a field with assorted livestock. His mother had told him to stay at the house. He could get hurt if he went over there. Not one to listen and thinking he knew better than she did, he crossed the road and ended up tangled in—barbed wire. Hence the reminder. And a story to go with it.

Cuz, aka EB, stripped the bed, washed the bedding, remade the bed, vacuumed, pretty much got the house ready for Sabbath. She did various and sundry other things, too. They are too many to mention.

I still wasn’t rested from the Thursday outing and went to bed for a nap. Before I went to bed for the night, I took a bath.

Last night was full of warnings and watches. If the power went off, Cuz would come over and hook me up to the big tank but the power didn’t go off. It rained hard but I haven’t heard of any tornadic activity.

Today has been quiet. USPS and FedEx are the only visitors I’ve had besides Cuz and she isn’t a visitor. She’d thought her sister would stop by after church but gave up on her about 1:45. I think that was my time.

I listened to the second half (I’d heard the first half over several days) of the discussion for the first lesson on Luke. It’s very interesting and brought out lots of things I’d never realized. If you are of a mind to partake, the link is here. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

The lamp I ordered from Amazon was supposed to come Monday but it came today. After sundown, Cuz hove to and put it together. She said she would like to work somewhere assembling such for people if the didn’t want to/couldn’t themselves. It was quite a project, coming in close to 30 main pieces. All I had to do was watch and cheer her on. Easy peasy for me.

Two naps this afternoon and I’m still sleepy. I’m not quite as shaky without the breathing treatments. Too bad something that’s supposed to help doesn’t especially.

That about does it for catching up. I left out lots of details but you’ll just have to wonder. Won’t you?

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