Monday, Monday

We’ll see how this goes. I napped today instead of working on my post for tonight so I’m in my shaky phase with no excuse—er, reason.

Cuz was out and about most of the day so my nap was long and deep or deep and wide or something. Anyway, I slept for how long, I don’t know and I slept soundly. My sister sets her alarm for 20 minutes when she naps but she isn’t recovering from eight days of almost inertia. I am.

Tomorrow will be another session with the physical therapist. He’s an interesting-looking fellow with a tattoo of barbed wire entwining one arm. I’ve wondered what that might mean but I don’t know whether to ask him or not.

It’s also the day for my B12 shot and thank goodness, I don’t have to think about giving it myself. Bless that lovely woman’s heart!

Today turned out to be a beautiful one after a night of hard rain. The car had sat far longer than it ever has before so I got the key and started it. I set the timer for half an hour and let ‘er run. At the end of the time, the little car seemed to sit up higher on its tires. It had looked rather dejected before.

Potato← I saw this on Facebook this afternoon and decided I would try it. If you want to see it full size, just click on it. Anyway, I got a potato out of the box which no longer has a lid (that’s disconcerting because more light is getting in and the potatoes will turn green as a result) and washed it well. I made the cuts but instead of drizzling the oil, I sprayed it. I left off the butter and pepper but sprinkled it with kala namak. I let it bake a bit longer than 40 minutes since I was using the toaster oven. Here’s how mine came out:

Facebook Potato

Not quite as crunch-worthy as the one online but it was okay. IF I repeat it, I’ll bake it in the regular oven.

I’ve been coughing more today. During one of my many breathing treatments, I almost did the cough until I throw up routine. I coughed some more when Cuz came over for a short visit just before dark. I had to call her back to get the diffuser for me. She’s rearranged the furniture and the way to it was blocked. She’ll remedy that tomorrow.

My one accomplishment was running the dishwasher. Guess I had to finish loading it, too. I’ll be glad when I can do more than that and not be worn out.

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  1. Lila March 30, 2015 at 9:41 pm #

    We will all be glad when that happens.

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