This post will be about out of the ordinary happenings of the past two-and-a-half weeks. I may miss something. If it’s about you and you feel ignored, don’t. If I get a date wrog, don’t worry. It’s just my senility kicking in.

by Saffy

by Saffy

After everything was set up on Tuesday, I attempted to learn to be tethered to a line pretty much 24/7. Not fun but no one said it would be. Getting the knack of navigating through the house has proven to be quite a challenge. Ralph tends to wander off course and get tangled on various objects. While I’ve gotten better over the weeks to prevent that, he still will leap out and grab an errant knob in the kitchen or catch on one of the many sheets still scattered over the floors. That’s when my ears go down and my nostrils go up.

It was the plan for Cuz and company to go back to the other house on Friday, the 6th. Her construction partner didn’t feel like going anywhere so he told her to go get what she needed and bring it back. While I was relieved, I couldn’t help but wonder if my continued feebleness had anything to do with it.

My first Sabbath at home was quiet. Other than the Cavalry’s wife asking if I wanted them to take me to church, no one expected me to be there. I watched a sermon on the Woman at the Well by Jose Rojas. It was excellent, as usual. I couldn’t watch in all at once, though. It was finished in 10-15 minute increments.

On Sunday, I was sitting in Mother’s chair when I started having chest pain. It was sharp and radiated up into my jaws. My lower teeth all ached. I called Cuz and she came right over. I was practically in tears and sitting bolt upright. By that time, it had all but subsided but it had scared the bejeebers out of me.

That night, my back was hurting so much, I called the Nurse Assist line at Humana. The case manager had called a couple of times in the prior week and gave me the number. (BTW, when I said I’m vegan and it had presented a challenge for the dietary department, she said she had never thought of that being a problem.) I gave the nurse my symptoms including burning on urination. She was concerned it could be a kidney infection. When I protested going to the ER, she made me promise I wouldn’t delay but I’d see the doctor ASAP.

My sleep that night was spotty, as usual. Next morning, I called the doctor’s office and was told to come in as soon as I could get ready. Cuz got the van warmed up while I got dressed. She outfitted me with the portable O2 and we were off.

She checked me in and it wasn’t long before I was called back. I told the nurse about my back pain, painful urination, etc., etc. To be truthful, I didn’t even think about the episode of the day before but Cuz didn’t forget. She piped up and told on me. Before the doctor had gotten my chart, he was in there. “What’s this about chest pain?” he demanded. I told him what had happened and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before a tech came in with an EKG machine. I was hooked up and the result was that I would live. I knew it wouldn’t show anything if I weren’t having a heart attack right then but it was reassuring that it was normal at that moment.

Urine was clear so there was no kidney infection—not even a bladder infection. The upshot was, I had a yeast infection resulting from all the antibiotics that had been pumped into me so a prescription for Diflucan was written. I’d been eating coconut yogurt and kimchi, but evidently, it wasn’t enough.

Would I be willing to have Home Health for physical therapy? Yes. My children would be thrilled. The order was written and we left.

The Computer Owner had contacted me. Was there anything I needed? Yes. I needed a nice firm head of lettuce. Not only did she get me that, she also picked up some cherry tomatoes. I was set for salad. Especially since Cuz had bought me some beautiful avocados when she was picking up my prescriptions.

Skipping over the next few days, I get to Sabbath again. This time, my friend had picked up some things from the university supermarket and she was surprised I wasn’t at church. I told her no, and I probably wouldn’t be there this week either (I wasn’t). She gave them to the Cavalry and his wife to bring.

After checking to make sure I was up to a visit, they came in and talked for a while. After they left, Cuz’ sister and BIL (also cousins) came over. I slept better that night.

Last Sunday, Cuz was here with her great niece. I was at a loss how to entertain a seventh grader so I resorted to Netflix and Andy Griffith. The TV was so low I couldn’t hear it but she said she could hear just fine. Guess my loss is more profound than I thought.

Her granddad (Cuz’ twin brother) was outside working. There was a piece of equipment that was giving problems so whatever he’d planned to do was put on hold.

It had been a week since Home Health had been ordered and I’d heard nothing. I called the doctor’s office and there was an apology. I’d be contacted. That afternoon, I was. Which agency did I prefer? I didn’t care as long as they took my insurance. Okay.

Days went by. Nothing. I called again. That time, I was put through to someone’s voicemail. I left the required information and hung up. I got a call that afternoon with more apologies. I’d be contacted by a HH agency soon. Okay.

That’s just what happened. As week ago yesterday, the call came in. The nurse was on her way to evaluate me. Could I give her directions to my house? When I told her, a red flag was raised. I was in the next county over and she couldn’t cross the line. Back to square one. She’d let the clinic people know so other arrangements could be made.

Someone had dropped the ball again. Finally, I gave up and called the clinic yet another time. There was an agency that services both counties and they would be contacted. Last Thursday, there was a knock at the door. Then the doorbell rang. Another knock. Cuz had thought it was my CIL and called out, “Come in!” but the visitor didn’t. It was Home Health!

A nice young lady came in and said she had tried to call. The phone number she’d been given had a 6 where there should’ve been a 9. She lives not far away so she decided she’d swing by. First thing, Cuz excused herself.

It was time to check my vital signs. BP was 120/62. O2 saturation, 99%. Both were pronounced very good. Then it was time for the interview. She said it would be long and that was no exaggeration. Why did I want Home Health? I’m weak (to tell the truth, my stamina has dug a hole and buried itself).

Am I diabetic? No. While I was in the hospital, I was a fake diabetic because of the Solumedrol but not now. Have I fallen recently? No. I have pretty good balance. Do I have to hold to things when I walk? No. The first day or two home, I did, but not now. Hmmmmmmmm. Getting me qualified was looking a bit iffy. Do I take any injectable medication? B12. If she can get a diagnosis from my doctor, she can give me my shots while I’m being seen.

After more and more paperwork, I was qualified for four weeks of physical therapy. My shots are due every Tuesday. She gave me my packet and was on her way.

Speaking of my shots, I was able to do the last two. The first was so shaky, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it. The next one went better.

Meanwhile, I was getting low on B12. Last Sunday, Cuz’ construction partner went to pick it up as well as a few groceries I wanted. I about fell over when he gave me the sales slip. $92.29?? It was less than half that the last time. And the time before that it was half again. He wouldn’t take anything for the groceries. I guess he felt sorry for me.

St. Patrick’s Day proved to be a sad one. A prominent police officer died of apparent natural causes and was found early that morning. It’s hit my nephew pretty hard because they worked together when he was with the Crisis Response Team.

Cuz has been keeping me company a lot. I’ve appreciated her presence. The weather has kept her from her job so I haven’t had to feel guilty.

Last night, I had a private message from her. Seems The Squatter’s lifestyle finally caught up with him and he was found dead yesterday morning. I feel sorry for my CIL. They had been best friends until that friendship was so abused.

Today has been quiet until now. Someone is firing off bookoodles of ammo. I hope they’re directing it away from my house. I’d hate to live through all I have in my 71 years only to be killed by a stray bullet.

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4 Responses to Highlights

  1. Lila March 21, 2015 at 9:29 pm #

    Very newsy and interesting! Prayers continue.

    • Tommie March 21, 2015 at 9:39 pm #

      Prayers still needed!

  2. denise March 22, 2015 at 3:38 pm #

    What answer do you need in the box for website ? It is good to see you post more. I have been to see Genese twice for a total of 7 hours. I hope you are not jealous. When can I come and see you again ? It sounds as if you are having plenty of company ! Do you need some more lettuce, tomatoes and bananas? I am taking a break from hard work with a cold pack to relieve some of my back pain. The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be !!! Please take care of yourself. I love you and God Bless ! 🙂

    • Tommie March 22, 2015 at 3:47 pm #

      You can just leave that box blank. Nothing is required except for your email address which no one but me sees.

      I know Genese has been glad to see you. She needs encouragement.

      As for me, I have one banana left. I’ve gone through all you got me plus several someone else brought.

      Sorry your back is hurting you. That isn’t fun. This old gray mare ain’t what she usta be, either, but we still percolate somewhat. I love you, too, and God bless right back atcha!

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