Coming to an Understanding, Part 7

The snow was beautiful for about a day. Warmer temperatures came in and it was in patches by Friday. (I’m skipping Thursday on purpose. It was pretty much like the other days.) I was all atwitter in anticipation of my tastebuds being rescued.

Oh! But I must go back to Thursday night. My friend who gave me my first essential oils came in bearing a jar of chia seed pudding. Her husband had seen my post and she had come to my rescue. It looked delicious. Nursing labeled the pudding as mine, added the date and put it in the fridge. I’d have some for breakfast. (When I was still working, if someone wanted their food to be safe from others, they’d put my name on it. Even though my food was tasty, it was viewed as exceedingly weird. Funny how those same people think nothing of eating a dead bird body.) She also went out and bought me a personal item I needed and wouldn’t let me reimburse her.

Friday came. The breakfast chia pudding was wonderful! Then my friend didn’t let me down. She swept into the room carrying a small box. The size belied the contents, though. It was packed with everything imaginable that would make my life in the omnivorous hospital easier. Oatmeal burgers, bread, nuts, seeds, Camparis (years ago, she’d never tried them before I asked her to pick some up for me), baby carrots, leaves of lettuce, cashew cheese, a container of bean soup, Himalayan pink salt—and the list could go on. I would be hungry no longer.

The soup was still warm so I added some salt (she cooks without salt, too, but not without flavor) and plowed in. Smearing some cashew cheese on a piece of bread completed the meal. I topped it off with some toasted pumpkin seed. As DH’s aunt would have said, “My sufficiency is serensified and any more would be obnoxious to my taste.” I brushed my teeth with the disposable toothbrush I’d requested on the second day inhouse.

Breathing a sigh of relief, my happy stomach and I rested without stress for the first time all week.

The rest of the day went as usual. Breathing treatments every four hours. Finger sticks before every meal. An injection of blood thinner. IV antibiotics. Solumedrol IV pushes (and normal saline IV flushes). I had visitors. The Materials Manager had been in a couple of times already and she would wave as she would flash past the door. She’d always moved at a dead run and nothing had changed. Cuz looked in on me frequently but she isn’t a visitor. She’s family.

My concentration was still off. When my friend didn’t send the bulletin, it was fine with me. I wasn’t hungry but I was still weak.

I did contact her about who was to be speaking in the hope I’d be able to find a sermon by the same person online but it wasn’t to be. That was okay. I had a wealth of goodies at my fingertips thanks to the iffy public WiFi. In its defense, it had stayed up most of the time which was an improvement over when I was still employed.

The sun went down and it was my second full Sabbath ever to be hospitalized. The first was when DD was born on Friday night and we were inhouse until the following Tuesday. Day had died in the west.

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  1. Lila March 13, 2015 at 7:37 am #

    Glad for the good friends and the good food!

    • Tommie March 13, 2015 at 8:35 am #

      Yes, and I’m STILL working on the contents of that box!

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