Coming to an Understanding, Part 2

Cuz drove me from one parking lot to the other (the clinic is on the same campus). As we approached the front door, my feelings of dread had been replaced by resignation. If I had to do it, I had to do it.

As soon as we walked into the hospital lobby, there was one of “my” girls coming out of the office. I had on a mask but she recognized me, anyway. Her face brightened and she smiled a big smile as she caught me up in a bear hug. Now, THAT was encouraging.

My order was handed over to my successor and we talked in between updating my patient information. The census was holding steady and they were pretty much swamped. I’d already gathered she was responsible for staffing the ER in the next town and thought, “I’m glad it isn’t me.” One of the registrars was filling another position for the afternoon. Looked like Business as Usual. I signed my papers and was immediately assigned a room—one of the few private ones in the facility.

On the way to the room, I saw more familiar faces and they were all friendly. Maybe I should have broken the barriers sooner but who knows? Maybe it was best it worked out this way.

Cuz was with me for a little while after I was changed into a gown but she had another assignment—to go get my things. When she saw I was settled in, she left.

My doctor had ordered a regular diet. The tray came and it looked good and smelled good (other than the chicken) but little of it (if any) was vegan. The broccoli had a thick cheese sauce on top and the creamed potatoes were sure to have had dairy. I didn’t feel like eating, anyway. I hadn’t eaten much for the prior three days—two cartons of coconut yogurt and a couple of stewed onions don’t make up a hearty diet spread over that long.

The dietary supervisor came in to see me. What would I eat? She knew I had eaten raw vegan for almost five years and wanted to know if she was going to have to blend up that “green stuff”. I told her no. Breakfast? Make it easy on them, something whispered. Oatmeal? It was supposed to be a starting point. I eat fruit, veggies, just not anything with animal products. Simple, huh?

Supper came. Cuz had come home and gotten my computer by then and it was all plugged up and online. I closed it and had the tray set on top. I was tied to an IV with fluids going and also had oxygen. I was pretty much stuck. The table would have been too high, anyway, and the computer raised the tray up another almost inch. I felt like a Munchkin.

When the cloche was taken off, there were plain boiled veggies with no seasoning. I picked at the potatoes and ate a piece or two of carrot. Adding salt didn’t help a whole lot. I was going to be Dietary’s Worst Nightmare.

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