Promises, Promises

Before I went to bed, I looked out but couldn’t see It was “doing anything”. The temperature hadn’t dropped that much. It was cold but not as bitter cold as it was supposed to get. I left water running just in case. Better safe than sorry.

I made up for not sleeping well night before last and didn’t get up until after 8. The two mornings before that, I didn’t have the luxury. The sky was smooth cloudy but nothing had happened yet. I know I saw somewhere we were supposed to get up to 7″ of snow. It kept going down from there until it was 1″ in the higher elevations. Well, I’m on a higher elevation but there’s no snow.

On the way home yesterday, I could tell roads had been sprayed already. Maybe that chased It off.

Later in the morning, I could hear rain hitting the roof in the bathroom. I went and looked out and, sure enough, ice was beginning to build up. It hasn’t done a whole lot, though. I took these about 4:15 this afternoon:

Icy Weather

More Ice

I brightened those up a bit because the ice didn’t show up as dark as it was.

It’s tempting to do the “personalized” things on Facebook. Today, I clicked on getting a quote just for me and this came up:


It reminded me, I contribute to a religious liberty campaign every year and every year, I mark on the form not to send the magazine to me—send it to a thought leader. Every year, they send it to me. Maybe they think I’m a thought leader? Anyway, the last copy sat in the mailbox for days and was soaked by the incessant rain. It’s currently gracing the floorboard of the car. I get all the news I can digest via email and I don’t like killing trees. If it keeps coming, I’ll call the publishers and cancel whatever subscription is out there. I’d much rather read on the screen. I can search for things on a page online much better than a piece of paper.

And THAT reminds me. I’ll never ever order from Dr. Leonard again. Since I did, I’ve been getting catalogs from every related company and I don’t even look at them. I tear the address page off and throw them in the trash. They’re not only killing trees, the landfill is overflowing with them.

I haven’t seen any Catz today. Cuz texted last night that they’d given them and the babies extra food. I’m glad because I surely don’t want to try to navigate their icy steps. They are about 1/3 higher than they should be and are a challenge in good weather.

The lights have dimmed several times. I’m hoping the power will stay with me. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to make a cocoon and wait until I can be a butterfly. Cuz’ pellet stove is out of commission so it wouldn’t do any good to go over there, either.

The roads have been icy. There was a picture posted on Facebook that was taken on the road that goes down to my church and old workplace town. It is of a pickup truck hanging over the guardrail. There are a couple of angles of it and it looks scary. The Cavalry’s wife happened along before the rescuers got there and she said she slowed down even though the road didn’t seem slick to her. That’s the thing about black ice. It can be there and be invisible.

My chiming clock says it’s 9 o’clock. It’s fast but it’s still signaling I need to stop this and make ready for bed.

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  1. Lila February 16, 2015 at 9:20 pm #

    Boosh! That looks icy enough for me – too much, actually.

    • Tommie February 16, 2015 at 9:43 pm #

      I’m glad it wasn’t like that yesterday.

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