I Won! I Won!

I vaguely remember entering to win an allergy-free cookie kit. I enter those things and then forget about it. No use stressing over something that will probably never happen. Well, this time, it happened. The original winner didn’t get back to them with her shipping address in the allotted time so another had to be picked. That’s happened with my giveaways, too, so it isn’t at all uncommon. Sometimes, I think people give a bogus email address but it’s their loss. Anyway, another winner was picked and it was ME!! I get a whole list of things. (I hope they are actually the products because a lot of them aren’t available around here so coupons would be a bust.)

  • Annies Berry Patch or Summer Strawberry Fruit Snacks
  • Freedom Foods Tropicos Cereal
  • Daiya Strawberry Cream Cheese Style Spread
  • Ancient Harvest 100% Whole Grain Quinoa Flakes
  • Soy Free Earth Balance
  • So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk

As cold as it’s supposed to get in the next day or so, all of it—even the perishables—could be shipped without freezer packs. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

After I fooled around with my sister’s notebook some more yesterday, I think I’ve done just about all that can be done to get it ready. I installed the driver for the sound card and it was static-y. From the days of my owning said machine, I remembered the Windows 7 driver didn’t work right and I had to download the Vista one. WELL. It must’ve been “upgraded” because it was static-y, too. I disabled the sound card, rebooted and let the notebook install a generic driver. There isn’t enough volume but she uses it with speakers, anyway.

I was expecting a package so I tracked it, as usual. Early on, I saw this:

Package progress

It puzzled me how it could leave the same place twice—once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Maybe Hebron, KY, is a huge place and one can’t just leave it one time. At any rate, the package arrived yesterday as predicted.

The cupboard was getting bare of fresh fruit (I’d eaten my last banana and was down to two oranges) so I had to go to town. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and no wind. Those days are few and far between now so I went ahead and filled up the gas tank. It only held 5.8 gallons so I could’ve driven another couple hundred miles without running out but I’m glad it’s done.

First thing at Walmart, I went to see if the Tattooed Lady was working. She’d already gone home. I took my straggly hair and gathered up the stuff I needed. An ALDI ad got me 4 lub bags of oranges for $1.99. When I was leaving the produce area, I saw one of my friends. She tried to get me to buy more but denied she was working on commission.

Before I left, I loaded the washer and set it to come on in three hours. It still hadn’t started when I got home so I canceled that and started it myself.

I’ve had more energy as of late. Maybe everything I’ve been doing has finally kicked in. I made another batch of the easy-peasy burgers to take to the fellowship meal today. This time, I cut back a bit on the Bragg Liquid Aminos and increased both the water and oats. I also added some pecan pieces. They were an improvement over the others.

The timer was set for eight hours when I went to bed last night. I was already semi-awake when it rang this morning.

The burgers needed something and the other day my sister had suggested gravy to make a dish for a fellowship meal. I made a pan full and poured it over them. It was rather thick. When I got to the church (in time for Sabbath School!), I put it in the oven. It hadn’t been turned on yet but I wanted to make sure it had a place.

Song service was underway when I got to the church. The Computer Owner was leading out. I’m sure the reason for one person to choose all the songs is to be able to have a theme but I was looking forward to possibly requesting one of my favorites. Oh, well, there was another song service to go but it went the same way. I didn’t attempt to sing. Singing just brings on a round of coughing.

Speaking of coughing, I went out from time to time to do just that. Someone commented later I must be getting over it because they didn’t hear me. That’s why. I didn’t stay in the sanctuary to do it.

The church service was led by an M.D. who conducts healthy living seminars. There were brochures on the pew beside me about Uchee Pines. They have a 17 day program to help whip people into shape. I thought that would be good to go to. Perhaps they could work miracles for me—and then I saw the cost. $4200. Well, I guess I’ll have to do what I’ve been doing.

I went to the fellowship hall during the closing song and people started coming in. The amount of food was amazing. People who don’t usually stay stayed and the kitchen was a beehive of activity. I only had the one pan of burgers so I went out and claimed a place at a table.

Seeing there was such an abundance, I figured I would have food to bring home. When I went to get a little for seconds, it was practically to the smelling stage. I got two little pieces of burger and some coagulated gravy. Later, someone had cleaned out the spoon and there were a few crumbs.

The Computer Owner fixed up a plate for me to take to Genese. When I got to the room, she was awake and visiting with (I think) her roommate and her visitor. They left and I unloaded what I’d taken—two baby bananas, a chocolate bar and some sesame crunch. She’ll do fine with the first two but I don’t know about the third.

The mobile dental unit dentist has changed and he is refusing to work on Genese’s teeth because she can’t sit up. Dentist #1 was fine with her on a stretcher. She has one tooth, in particular, that is giving her fits. It’s very painful and needs attention. I asked about oral surgery at the Mother Ship. She’d already explored that option and was told it wasn’t an option. Dentists do their oral surgery in their offices and no way can she have it done in a hospital setting. To me, that’s not providing the care she needs. When the OR was up and running at the hospital next to the nursing home, one of the residents had oral surgery and Medicare paid for it. I know it’s doable in certain circumstances. The Powers That Be need to be more proactive.

We’d visited less time than usual when her sister and another aide came to minister to her needs. It was my signal to vacate the premises so I came on home.

After I licked up the rest of the crumbs and ate a little mint chip ice cream (and some sesame crunch) (and had a cup of Dandy Blend), I sat down to rest and fought sleep. Finally, I gave in and dozed until I woke myself snoring. I looked around, quite embarrassed, but no one was here to hear me.

My Amazon gift certificate has just been sitting there for over a week. When I was making the burgers, I thought it would be so nice to have a scoop rather than two spoons. I dip it out with a spoon, rake it off with the other, then smash and pat them into a patty shape. PLUS, last night, I slightly burned myself again filling the hot water bottle. After sundown, it was time to shop. I just picked out a nice stainless steel scoopand a stainless steel percolatorto fill my water bottle before I go to bed. I couldn’t see my way clear to buy the fancy dancy tea makerlike I used when I was visiting DD and merm. The percolator will do just fine.

It’s getting late enough I should be thinking about going to bed. It looks like we might have some real winter weather in the next day or two. My sister just called and I went over the weather report with her. Snow is possible starting tomorrow night and lasting (maybe) through Tuesday night. Hide and watch. And now she called me back to tell me what she forgot before. The little European bakery caught fire this morning. I looked it up but there wasn’t much information to be had. I hope it was well-insured. It’s a very old building so there could have been electrical problems. Hmmmmmm.

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  1. Mary Jane February 14, 2015 at 10:26 pm #

    Congratulations on winning the goodies! Hope you’ll enjoy them.

    • Tommie February 15, 2015 at 7:58 am #

      I hope I will! If they aren’t the actual goodies, I probably won’t.

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