An Embarrassment and a Birthday

Yesterday, I was sitting in my usual corner when the doorbell rang. I figured it was the UPS man alerting me to a package (even though I wasn’t expecting anything) and stayed put. My clothing was my robe de fashion as Mother would have called it. It’s aka my ratty old ugly housecoat.

After a few seconds, the doorbell rang again. Now, THAT was odd. Maybe it was Cuz but I wasn’t expecting her, either. I went to the door and peeked out (there’s another one for Facebook—peak/peek) and it was one of my friends from church. It was with great embarrassment that I told her neither the house nor I was presentable. Well, she wouldn’t say anything. Maybe so, maybe not, but I still couldn’t let her come in. I apologized profusely but there was no way I would admit her to these premises. She’d been up and down the roads looking for me and would’ve called if she’d had my phone number (it’s in the directory as well as being listed in the bulletin). After I stood my ground, she left. Let’s face it. I live in CHAOS. According to the Flylady, that stands for “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”. Yep. That’s right.


Now, to say it would be nice for the ground to open up and swallow me is a bit of an overstatement but, honestly, I have a bit of a time doing what I do which is not much.

Later in the day, I changed the bed, did a couple of loads of laundry and got the rest of Twinkle’s stuff together to take to the restaurant to give to DS1 for their cats. After I’d done that, I spent so much time coughing, the muscles around my waist were sore. Is it any wonder I avoid activities that make me cough?

DS1 and his sent me an early gift certificate from Amazon. I’ll have to mull over what I’m going to buy with it. If I add enough, I could get that tea maker I don’t need (but want).

My sister called last night to wish me a happy birthday and let me know she didn’t have her computer set up. She knows I prefer ecards to paper ones and I wouldn’t get one from her.

This morning, our other sister did send me an ecard. They don’t kill trees and I don’t have to reluctantly throw them away or stick ’em in a drawer.

Before I left for church, DS1 called and sang Happy Birthday to me. I had to download the .wav file to listen to it, though. The phone rang one time before it went to voice mail.

I’d dosed up on anti-cough remedies in the hope I wouldn’t spend church hacking away but they didn’t work too well. I sucked on cough drops while I was there but was about in tears from frustration by the time the service was over. Being a “shut-in” isn’t something I aspire to but it may come to that.

A couple of the ladies and I conversed a bit, then I got my vinegar co-op order and left. I coughed most of the way home.

As You WishThe diffuser was still running when I got here. I’d gotten the mail out of the box on the way to church. One piece was a package from Amazon and it held my gift from DD—a copy of As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bridein hardback. I guess I should finish reading the “abridged” Kindle version of The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventurewhich is right here on my computer.

I hadn’t intended to eat much but I was going to have to eat something since it would be a long time from breakfast to when I was supposed to meet DS1 and his at the Mexican restaurant at 6:30. I ended up with a cup of Dandy Blend, a square of chocolate, four sesame crunches (a serving is three) and a piece of toast with Earth Balance peanut spread with coconut. That did me just fine.

The phone rang and it was DD. She didn’t sing to me but that isn’t unusual. We talked for a little while and I told her I was hoping to avoid coughing at the restaurant.

Lots of people on Facebook have wished me a happy birthday. I’ve kept up with them this year by “liking” and commenting as they came in. One of my classmates from academy said, “Birthday? You? I thought you were ageless…..” I replied, “I am—but the IRS requires a DOB so I comply.”

My academy roommate and I messaged back and forth and I bugged Genese a bit.

I waited until 6 before I left for the restaurant. I went past it (on purpose) and scanned the parking lot for a familiar vehicle. None was in sight but it was packed. Turning around at the hospital, I went back and followed the lead of a pickup truck driver who parked on the grass in front. Otherwise, it would be the Back Forty.

When I walked in, there was my family sitting at the booth right in front. We had quite a meal. Mine was a bit unexpected but tasty. I got the Burrito Fiesta and everything was rolled up together inside. Asking for more Pico de Gallo was a bit of a mistake because my avoidance of spicy food made it taste that much spicier.

Thankfully, the prayers everyone was sending up for me worked. I coughed, maybe, twice the whole time. It was a nice evening.

I loaded them up with Twinkle’s old gear, a goody bag and some oranges and avocados. They HAD been banished to the Back Forty so I was long gone by the time they left.

Safely inside, I was relaxing when the phone rang. It was my sister. She was surprised I wasn’t eating. She’d thought tomorrow was the celebration but DS1 has to work. When she called last night, I was eating. It was a bit late but I’d started a baked potato cooking in the microwave and with it and the Dr. Heater on the same circuit, it tripped. I reset the breaker and went back to what I was doing. After a suitable amount of time, I went to get my baked potato out of the oven and it wasn’t there. It was still in the microwave. By the time it was ready, it was already 7:30. Mother would have said, “Crazy-like.”

For a wonder, I haven’t coughed that much since I’ve been home. It would be lovely if it were a thing of the past.

I still have to drink my water and take my NAC and generic Zantac. Life goes on…

2 Responses to An Embarrassment and a Birthday

  1. Inge Anderson February 8, 2015 at 1:15 pm #

    CHAOS! I can identify with the “can’t have anyone over syndrome.” 😉 It’s so easy where we live, because we live off the beaten track and not a lot of people come. Makes a person careless, and I’ve been thoroughly embarrassed a number of times. After such incidents my housekeeping routine improves remarkable – for a while.

    I’m just so busy with lots of other things, I don’t notice a lot of housekeeping stuff unless I look at my house with “other eyes.” 😉

    • Tommie February 8, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

      I would so love to be able to do what I used to do. I’ve never been what you could call an excellent housekeeper—or even a GOOD one—but it was better than now. Just about any amount of activity can bring on an episode and I don’t enjoy coughing until I throw up.

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