Abject Frustration

A year ago last month, the bill for my Internet access was $24.95. It doubled in January 2014 and I was able to talk AT&T down to $46. Then, the other day, the email came in that my current bill was ready to be viewed. Now, it’s up to $51.67. That’s more than a 10% increase over last month. Where it will all end, I don’t know.

Sunday night, I went to the web site and chatted with Alex K. He was sympathetic and wrote, “I will get you $10.00 for your convenience.” Sure enough, the balance on my account was lowered to $41.67. He gave me a number to call to see if there were any promotions that would take my monthly bill down.

I got around to calling today and spoke with a Customer Service Representative, Andrew. Well, there are no promotions but if I will call back next month, maybe they can do something for me. I asked if there is a Senior Discount. Are you a senior? Well, I will be 71 next month and I’m on a fixed income. HE couldn’t do anything but if I’d call 855.301.0355, it was possible someone there could do something for me.

Calling the number, I sat on hold (DH called it “ignore”) for 15 minutes. That’s when I went to AT&T U-verse Facebook page and posted “Is anyone able to get through to a live person at 855.301.0355? I was given the number by a CSR and I’ve been listening to pretty music on Ignore for more than 15 minutes. Is it a number they give knowing I’ll get tired and hang up eventually?”

I heard music that reminded me of my mother. “Moonlight Sonata” was a piece she enjoyed playing and hearing me play. “Peg o’ My Heart” was one she loathed because her first husband liked it, or so she told me. When my step-father bought her a console organ, it had sh-boom on it. I’d turn it on, play “Peg o’ My Heart” while my boys danced and leaped around the room.

Posting again, I said, “23 minutes now I’ll never get back.” I resolved to wait for 30 minutes and hang up if no one answered. Right at the 30 minute mark, a CSR came on the line. The only way I could get anything remotely similar to a Senior Discount would be to give up U-verse and go back to AT&T with a landline and, I suppose, DSL. No way.

For the third time, I posted, “Just as I was getting ready to hang up at 30 minutes, I got through to a person who couldn’t help me, anyway. ARGGGH!”

An hour later, an AT&T U-verse social media person replied and asked me to send an email with my account number and the best contact number. I’d just done it when the phone rang. I was amazed. That was fast! And it would have been except it was my sister’s third call today. She’s been going back and forth trying to get Spybot on her computer and was still having problems. BTW, she got ‘er done so she’s okay.

So…that’s been a large portion of my day.

WindowsNow I’m off on a tangent. One interesting thing I learned was that Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 free for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone users for a year after it’s released. You can read about it here. According to the article, 10 should be commercially available this fall.

I’ve been working on the templates and the index for the second quarter. I still have more to do to the index but the templates are 90% done. I think they’re 100% but sure as I finalize, there will be something else.

It was warm again for January 21. The high was 51. The sun was out in all its glory. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be back to clouds and with chances of rain tomorrow night through Sabbath. There’s to be a brief reprieve on Sunday and back to rain that night and Monday. If nothing else, the weather is very changeable.

My B-12 shot went off without a hitch today. It would be nice if it would stop my hair from falling out. I really don’t have that much to spare.

6 Responses to Abject Frustration

  1. Lila January 21, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

    Somehow when I hear about your B-12 shot, I think of how you used to have to dodge Twinkle in order to get it done.

    • Tommie January 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm #

      Yes, I had to close myself up in my bedroom to do it. It’s much easier now.

  2. Joanie January 21, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    I usually put them on speaker while waiting, so I can be doing other things… Hope they can work out something for you!

    • Tommie January 22, 2015 at 8:26 am #

      The speaker volume isn’t loud enough. I do that sometimes, though, if I can keep it right beside me.

  3. Mary Jane January 22, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    At least you had pretty music to listen to! Most of it isn’t.

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