My mother had admirers. I don’t know what the secret of her charm was but, after my father died, she had a series of suitors. As the Guardian of Life as it Was, I didn’t approve of any of them. One such man was named Amos. He would come to visit and on one occasion, he happened to be there when my oldest sister and her family were visiting, too. Her youngest was just a little thing and insisted on calling Amos “Emos”. Once, he was installed in the bathroom for a long period of time. She needed to GO and was repeatedly knocking on the door. When he finally came out, she rolled her big brown eyes, held her nose and loudly proclaimed, “OOH, EMOS! THAT SMELL BAD!” Well, Emos isn’t here but the smell is beginning to penetrate to the living room.

I was hoping the weather would warm enough to thaw everything out but it didn’t quite make it to 40 in the shade. I’m afraid to try flushing the commode. The last time I did, the water came up to the rim. If I try too many times with that same result, the overflow goes into the bathtub and then I have a REAL mess.

My sister is concerned that I’m not warm enough. I do quite well during the day and, with the help of my hot water bottle, I got too warm last night and had to push it away. It’s a really neat hot water bottleand the second of its kind I’ve ever seen. The other one is merm’s. Her bottle isn’t transparent, though. Mine has a dark blue velour cover. I don’t remember the color of hers but it does help it keep the heat longer.

Hair!DD called and we talked for almost an hour and a half until the diffuser shut off and I started coughing. I don’t know if that was the cause of the coughing or just coincidence. She’s trying the “no poo” method of washing her hair. In the hair department, she takes after her father. My hair is fine and rather thin. Hers is very thick and tends to frizz in the damp Seattle air. The picture you see on the left is of DH and me admiring the newborn DD. My mother took the picture with her Polaroid camera. DH was working construction during this time and I’d braid his hair so it would fit under his hard hat. When he went back to piloting planes, he got a traditional haircut and said he’d “become a citizen”. Her hair isn’t that wild but I can imagine how it is if it isn’t tamed with preparations made to do just that. I suggested coconut oil but she rejected the idea as only adding to the oily problem she’s developed with the new regimen.

During our visit, she told me Honda had called. Immediately, I thought there was a problem with her car. No, she needed to go pick up the license tag and registration. Evidently, it’s a service now offered to automobile purchasers. The dealer gets everything taken care of so the buyer doesn’t have to.

Speaking of automobiles, merm posted a picture of herself test-driving a Tesla S. She said it was too powerful for her. Amazing that an all-electric car has that as a problem. Several people posted how much they love theirs. That’s more than just a bit out of my league.

I’ve done nothing on the lessons today. It’s my goal to have them finished by January 15. The editor emailed Friday, “I’ve been getting “helpful” emails lately, pointing out that the last 4 links in the index are dead links. ;)” I uploaded lesson 10 and emailed back that now there were only three.

Oh! I fixed Genese’s oatmeal this morning. It’s pretty tasty. Of course, I had to add my own twist. I can’t ever let anything alone. Besides a pinch of nutmeg, I chopped and toasted some almonds for crunch. I may have some more tomorrow. No one could say they were hungry after a bowlful of that!

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