Thursday night, I readied myself for my usual before-bed bath. I’d written on my last post that, that morning, “I had running water with no frozen anything anywhere.” Twelve hours later, it was obvious that it wasn’t quite the case. Oh, the water was coming in just fine. It just wasn’t going out nearly as well. The drains in my bathroom were frozen. The water I’d left running in the night was soaking the carpet.

By that time, I’d already run my bathwater. I went ahead, took my bath, left the water in the tub and turned the Dr. Heater on high. It would be the last bath I’ve had.

The temperatures didn’t get anywhere close to freezing yesterday. They stayed below it all day. The closest was 31.6°. When I posted that on Facebook, the Cavalry’s wife said, “Don’t know about ours, wasn’t able to stay home to find out.” I didn’t sit and watch the thermometer. Mine has a minimum/maximum button that tells me.

With so many cold days and nights, I wasn’t surprised but I was (still am) distressed that the septic tank line is frozen. I won’t tell you the condition of the commode in Twinkle’s former bathroom but it isn’t pleasant.

With a definite chill in the air, I welcomed the terry cloth robe that Cuz gave me. I tried it on over several layers of clothes and it barely met in the front. Well, surely it would do better when I wasn’t so bundled up. Nope. The tag inside says, “One size fits all.” I think it should add, “skinny people.” Or maybe it’s a child’s robe. At any rate, I tried wearing it open as an extra layer but that didn’t work too well, either. I hate to return it but I don’t know of anyone in my family it would fit. Even my youngest granddaughter would be too big.

I was hoping against hope that it would warm up enough to thaw things out. I’d planned to go to church today and even stay for the fellowship meal. When we were still in the deep freeze, I had to alter my course.

HingTo soothe my ruffled feelings, I started cooking some lentils. I had enough distilled water to barely cover them so I had to use ::ACK! GASP:: chlorinated fluoridated city water. You can believe me or not. That’s your privilege. I can tell a difference. The bay leaves I have are sub-par so I threw in three. I added some dehydrated minced onion and when the lentils were done, I put in the salt. They didn’t taste right at all. I’d cleared the countertop of a lot of my seasonings and came across a container of hingthat I’ve hardly used. That might be just the thing. I probably ended up putting in close to a half teaspoon and it did the trick.

I ate supper and considered going to bed but I couldn’t make myself without warming up in the tub first. With the current configuration of my bed, my feet can stay cold for a long time and I can’t go to sleep. Soaking in a tub of very warm water solves that problem. It was past midnight before I could talk myself into going to bed. I even considered sleeping on the miserable couch here in the living room. The hot water bottle that merm gave me several Christmases ago helped, though.

Going to church wasn’t an option. With a dirty body and shaggy, grimy hair, I wasn’t going anywhere. I woke at almost 9 o’clock. The sun was shining which was a plus.

I “went to church” via the Internet. I tried streaming the church service from the university but there were more than 40 people doing the same and it was very slow and jerky. I opted to go to last week’s service this week. With most of the college kids gone, it was obvious that it wasn’t a usual service. The organist was nowhere to be seen (or heard). The music was provided by one fellow playing the guitar and another the violin. They were joined by a girl and a guy who led out in contemporary Christian music. I must be getting old because I prefer the familiar hymns. The sermon was very good, “Help, Lord, I Blew It Again”. As you might guess, it was about forgiveness.

Cuz texted and asked me to feed the critters. I hauled my permanent coat on and set out to do it. I remembered to get some oatmeal out of the freezer so I can try Genese’s recipe tomorrow morning.

A message arrived from the Computer Owner telling me I was missed at church and she hoped I was okay. She also thanked me for working on her computer. I typed a reply and before I could send it, the phone rang. It was the Computer Owner. She was getting a popup that said she needed to update something. I told her to send me a screenshot of it the next time it appeared so I could see what she was looking at. I walked her through finding the Snipping Tool (Greenshot is so much easier but she’d have to download it and learn it, too) and tried to tell her how to use it. It remains to be seen if I get a screenshot.

I’ve dozed some in my chair this afternoon. I don’t think it’s been enough to cut into my sleep tonight. The high today was 32.5°. It’s supposed to get up in the 40s tomorrow. Of course, the rain is moving back in for most of the week. If it will stay warm long enough, I might be able to bathe and flush the commode. If I am, there will be much cause for great rejoicing.

4 Responses to Frozen

  1. Mary Jane January 11, 2015 at 9:13 am #

    I’m so sorry about the frozen septic tank! Hope the weather today will be warm enough to thaw things out.

    • Tommie January 11, 2015 at 10:32 am #

      It’s already up to 35!

  2. Lila January 11, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    Sorry about the trials and tribulations! Hope things are resolved soon, including this frigid weather.

    • Tommie January 11, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

      No more than I on both counts!

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