It’s the Last Day

of 2014. When I wake in the morning, it will be next year. If I have anything to say about it, I won’t be up to see the New Year in so



I slept much better last night. I’d added another layer to the bed so I was toasty warm in spite of the fact that it was 48 degrees in my bedroom when I got up. I like a cool room to sleep in. When we were living on the mountain just over in Georgia, there was one winter when it got too cold to have the window open. I had use my hair dryer to melt the ice in order to be able to close it. My windows here aren’t open. If they were, it would be even cooler than it is. Outside, it’s down to 27 already. The low in the valley is predicted to be 22. That means maybe in the teens here.

Before I had anything to eat today, I did my bending-over chores. If I drop anything on the floor after that, it just has to stay there until the next morning unless I can pick it up with my toes.

I heard fireworks earlier but they must’ve run out. Or maybe they’re saving them until midnight. It’s been quiet for some time now.

The Computer Owner called this afternoon. It sounds as though she’s having problems akin to the ones my sister is having—popups all over the place. She’s going to bring her computer to give me Sabbath. Anxious to make it right, she’s offered to pay me. I told her to put $20 in the building fund. She said she was thinking more along the line of $50. So…put $50 in the building fund.

I offered to remote in on my sister’s notebook but the instructions I gave her weren’t clear enough even though I sent her screen shots. I told her to go to the Start button and type in Remote Assistance. Maybe she did that in a search in Chrome? She said there were too many choices so that made me wonder. I can understand if she doesn’t want me poking around in her personal stuff. She’d had a computer-knowledgeable person look at it before and he hadn’t stopped the popups so that made me wonder, too.

Our other sister had a new heating/cooling system put in several months ago and she’s been having some horrifyingly huge electric bills. There must be something wrong somewhere. I hope she can get it looked at soon and there’s something that can be fixed.

My roommate from academy posted a message from her son-in-law:

FYI for fellow shut-in cable cutters – The NYC Times Square New Year’s Eve “extravaganza” is streaming live on Ustream available via Roku

I told her I’m a Dish-breaker and don’t even have Roku. I thought at one time I’d like to have it but I’ve decided I’m fine with my computer. My TV is a monitor for my Wii and that’s all I need.

Well, Support is going to drink that last 16 ozzies of water. The meal tomorrow isn’t going to be altogether traditional. I thought sure I didn’t have any blackeye peas but I found a can in the cupboard. THAT was close! I may have some kale in the freezer. The last collards I had are long gone.

4 Responses to It’s the Last Day

  1. Lila December 31, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    The problem with the Remote Assistance was that the screen shots you sent didn’t match what came up in mine. Anyway, I’m still plugging along with whatever I can get it to do.

    • Tommie December 31, 2014 at 9:52 pm #

      It still should say what to do. Maybe you could send me screenshots of yours? Type “snip” in the search on the Start button and it will give you the Snipping Tool to select screenshots to send.

  2. Mary Jane January 1, 2015 at 7:18 am #

    I’ll have black-eyed peas. Didn’t think of greens when I was shopping yesterday, but the peas are what we always had for New Year’s dinner. When I was a child the saying was that during the new year you would get $1 for every pea you ate. Wonder what that would be in today’s money…

    • Tommie January 1, 2015 at 8:36 am #

      We’d be in low posey if a pea still = $1. When I was a youngster, that was a lot of money.

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