Winding It Up

This year, I have yet to buy a Christmas present in a store. I have all my shopping done except for my two “boys” and one daughter-in-law. One of the “boys” has a wish list that hasn’t been updated since September and the other two individuals will probably get gift certificates/cards because neither one has given an inkling of what they might like.

sunshineOne of the “boys” called and wanted me to find something online. He doesn’t know what it is and, from his description, I certainly have no idea. It’s something that sits in a central location in the house and has a name. You can ask it questions and it will give answers, i.e., “What’s the weather supposed to be like?” “Sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid-70’s.” (Obviously, I’m wishing here.) He mentioned the cloud, too, and I told him that’s storage in cyberspace. I did searches on every combination imaginable and came up with nothing.

But let’s go back to yesterday. Cuz texted and asked me to feed the critters. Since I’d been on vacation since Thanksgiving, it was a reasonable request. I’d done some more vacuuming and I see that the container that holds all the yucky stuff needs to be emptied. The editor had added a disclaimer to the lessons and misspelled some of the words (she gets in a hurry) so I had changes to make. That didn’t take long with Notepad++. Mid-afternoon, I went over and fed the babies and Catz. Four of the five Catz showed up and I guess Big’Un is history.

Interspersed here and there, I got the diffuser going, rubbed essential oils on my chest and the bottoms of my feet (Eucalyptus on the chest, Balance on the bottoms of the feet). I made sure I didn’t bend over for anything. I bent my knees if I needed to reach something that was lower than my arm would reach.

Before I went to bed, I soaked in the tub to relax. It did the trick and I slept last night! I didn’t wake until almost 8 this morning (not counting trips to the bathroom). I’d thought about setting the timer but I figured if I slept, it was because I needed to.

In spite of my late start, I got to the church just as the lesson study had begun. The guest speaker had been persuaded to also moderate the discussion. It was an interesting class period.

The speaker and his wife were the ones I went to prison with as told in this post. The church service was as interesting as Sabbath School. I would have sat with my road trip friend but my place on the back pew is so much warmer than where she was.

After church, my friend gave me the essential oils she’d promised. The Frankincense is a full 15ml bottle! Since she’s signed up with doTERRA, she gets a break on the price but it was quoted as $93 during the online seminar the other night. She’d already given me half a 10ml bottle two Sabbaths ago. I showed her my inhaler and she was pleased that it’s helping me. It was a boost to my spirits when she said I’m looking better.

I’ve been thinking about all I’ve been doing lately that, no doubt, has an impact on my breathing and energy levels. Besides the essential oils, I’ve been Sleeping on a Slope, eating better and getting more sleep. I’d lost a few lubs but about a half lub has crept back on. My vacuuming is lessening the amount of dust and cat hair in my environment. That can’t be bad. Tonight, I’ll try sleeping with my legs on pillows and see if that lessens the sliding on the wedge.

The box from Theo’s Chocolate is still unopened. DD emailed that it was up to me whether I opened it or saved it until Christmas. There are several days left for me to be tempted. I’ll have to see how it goes.

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  1. Mary Jane December 21, 2014 at 7:47 am #

    Glad you’re feeling better, sleeping better, and resisting temptation to open the chocolates! I haven’t opened my box, either, but it just came yesterday…

    • Tommie December 21, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

      I don’t know if anything is wrapped. I haven’t opened the outside box if it is.

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