Low Riders

It seems my good nights can’t be in a row. In spite of the hard stuff, I was unable to sleep well. I looked at myself in the mirror today and my eyes are like road maps.

My reminder to shoot myself was in my inbox yesterday but I never got a round tuit. I did it this morning and it was so nice to sit in Mother’s chair. Maybe a lot of the drama/trauma was from having to hide out from Twinkle to take care of it.

Yesterday, I’d spent a lot of time on hold (DH said it was IGNORE) with Walmart. I was trying to find out if the box of persimmons I’d ordered had come in. I gave up and posted my frustration on their Facebook page.

This morning, I called and the person who answered didn’t leave me hanging. She was very nice and, even though it took several minutes, she got me through to produce and I was able to find out that yes, the persimmons had come in.

I took my bath and prepared to leave for town. Checking my email, I found a cease and desist message from a web site I’d quoted via a post by one of the forum members. I took down the offending material and sent a note of apology along with confirmation that it was no longer on my blog. A plus, though. When I got in the car, the sun came out!

It did throw me a little late. I stopped at the mailbox and got my second Christmas card of the season. I know people mean well but I was just as happy with the ecard my niece sent me this morning and I don’t have to dispose of it. The other looked-for item was in the box—the Shopper with the Save a Lot ad that gets me 49 cents a lub bananas almost every week.

First stop was Bi-Lo to pick up my B-12. There were only 10 vials in the giant bottle. I questioned that and, according to them, it’s a 74 day supply. HUH? Ten vials at one a week is a 70 day supply. I don’t know where the extra four days come from. AND the price for the 10 went from $37.69 to $42.69. That’s 50 cents a vial. A pretty big jump. When I mentioned that, the woman snapped, “We can’t guarantee the price!” Well, okay.

I checked for some things I needed while I was there but either they weren’t stocked or were too much more than Walmart. I took my tiny vials and left.

Bless her heart! One of my Facebook friends was working Walmart’s Customer Service and didn’t have anyone in her line when I went in. I told her I was glad to see her but she might not be glad to see me. I showed her the register tape with my flags and corrections and she was able to follow my logic! I also returned three mangoes that had rotted rather than ripened. All told, I got over $4 back.

On my way around Walmart, I ran into one of the Cavalry’s daughters. She was on her cell phone but managed to give me a cheery hello and ask about my health.

Later, I was looking for Holiday Nog in the dairy case. A little woman struck up a conversation with me and before we parted company, she told me her life story. I assured her I’d be praying for her.

Walking into the produce section, there was my favorite produce person. When she spied me, she immediately went to get the box of persimmons. The person I talked to this morning told me they were 25 count. I was surprised to see they were bigger than 25 count would be. I went ahead and took them and hugged my friend good-bye.

Thankfully, the cashier didn’t take the 25 count stamped on the persimmon box as truth and counted them. There were just 20. However, they rang up at $1.28 each and were supposed to be 98 cents. One of the women verified the lower price so he rang them up as price match along with my oranges and bananas.

My impromptu visit in the back of the store pushed me on toward sundown. It was definitely in the works when I started up the mountain.

The Catz met me when I got home but I went ahead and unloaded while dodging them.

Saggy PantsI took my NAC with a full glass of water. Careful not to bend from the waist, I started putting stuff away. In spite of my best efforts, I ended up coughing.

Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake but I realized later that my jeans were probably the reason I was coughing. They fit snugly around the waist and that’s another no-no. I ended up walking around with them down around my hips kind of like the ones in the picture.

That led to another revelation. The next time you see someone wearing their pants like this, sympathize with them. They are only trying to offset the effects of reflux. Otherwise, they would be in abject misery and none of us who have it would wish that on anyone. Go up to the person/people and let him/her/them know you feel his/her/their pain. It’s awful, folks, and I’m here to tell you this is one way to aid in the war against it.

One of the customer service people from Walmart called this evening to find out what the problem was in produce. I told her there was no problem in produce. It’s with the handling of phone calls. She sounded a bit bemused when she said there’s no phone in produce. Well, maybe there should be.

I haven’t done squat on the lessons today. When I go to bed, they will probably continue to be undone. Surely, six will keep people busy until I can do the rest—especially since the new quarter doesn’t begin for another two weeks.

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  1. Lila December 17, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    I’m sure your pants weren’t that low!

    • Tommie December 17, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

      In the privacy of my own home, I can wear ’em around my knees if I want!

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