Exploring New Territory

One of my Facebook friends had seen my post about Twinkle’s being very sick (Waiting…for the Grim Reaper) and she asked, “Have you considered essential oils with a diffuser?” I told her my pulmonologist is very much anti-vaporizer because they can produce mold and bacteria. She came back with,

A diffuser is super healthy for you. It will purify the air, your lungs and the particles are even small enough to pass the blood-brain barrier and go straight to your brain to aid in healing! Just let me know if you have any questions.

I told her I’d think about it.

One of the ladies at church had been talking to me off and on about essential oils but we’d never really gotten together to discuss it. After church was over, I was being hugged and sympathized with when she came over with two tiny bottles. One was labeled “Breathe” and the other “Eucalyptus”. She speaks very softly and it was hard to understand what she was saying.

I passed along what my friend on Facebook had said and she told me she had a diffuser for me. If I’d come to their house for lunch, I could pick it up along with some other oils. I hadn’t taken any NAC with me (I usually have a couple in my purse) but I told her I’d stop by on the way home.

doTERRA DiffuserFollowing several cars over, when I got inside, she went to another room and soon came out laden with the diffuserand four little bottles of doTERRA essential oils—Breathe, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Balance. She showed me how to use the diffuser and explained what to do with each of the oils. I knew everything was expensive and I wouldn’t pay her on Sabbath so I indicated the diffuser to make sure it was a loan. No, I was to keep it and everything else. She just wants to help me get well. Anyone else, I might have been suspicious but that lady, I believe.

I came on home, set the diffuser up and I think I got it too close to my chair. I have a terrific headache. Of course, that could also be because last night was another doozy of a night, sleep-wise. I’d finally taken one of my ancient pain pills to knock me out.

Cuz texted, wanting to know if I was okay. My academy roommate called and we talked for a total of a half hour. She was on her cell phone and it would break up so it was touch and go understanding what she was saying.

I’ve moved the diffuser into my bathroom. If it’s supposed to purify the air, that room needs it. Whenever I go in there, I cough and cough. It could be from Something or it could be from my exertion.

According to the weather clock, the skies are trending toward clear. I need to wait until Monday to go anywhere. Yesterday, I happened to think my car sticker expired the end of November so I’m driving illegally.

BTW, DS1 called this morning to wish DH a happy birthday “wherever he is.” I added “IF he is.” He also commiserated about Twinkle. Bless her heart. I loved the cat dearly but I feel like I’ve been let loose. If I leave the house for three days, it will be no big deal.

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  1. Lila December 6, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    Which means you can come visit us?

    I’ll be interested in how the essential oil business turns out. Hope they are the answer.

    • Tommie December 6, 2014 at 8:59 pm #

      Are you saying you’ve moved?

      I hope they are, too. It would be nice to be improved that easily.

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