Twinkle was still in the Land of the Living when I got up this morning after an interesting if non-restful night sleeping with The Wedge. It pretty much stayed in place but I migrated toward the foot of the bed. At one point, I figured I’d (kind of) slept on a slope long enough and I could spend some time on my side. Not so. I ended up in the bathroom, coughing and nearly throwing up for a good 15 minutes.

The food in Twinkle’s dish hadn’t been touched and I’ve observed, since, that she’s having trouble swallowing. She’s walking more and more slowly. I’m through trying to tempt her with food. There have been times I haven’t wanted (or not been able) to eat. I appreciated people not trying to shove stuff in my face.

My congestion has gotten worse. I called Dr. Pulmonologist’s office this afternoon and asked about what I should do. “Are you coughing anything up?” Sometimes I cough until I throw up. “Does it have any color?” No, it’s clear. A couple hours later she called back. I could take Robitussin DM, 2 teaspoons every four hours. Thankfully, I already had some so I’ve taken two doses. I’d taken some the last two nights but didn’t know if it would be approved. The cough is still there and so is the wheezing but it isn’t quite as bad.

I’d planned to go to Walmart today. I’m out of bananas. My callback from the doctor’s office put me too late, though, and I really don’t want to leave Twinkle alone.

The editor has been in touch about the lessons. I told her about Twinkle and she wondered if there’s morphine for cats. Twinkle doesn’t seem to be in any pain so I’ll let her be unless she exhibits signs.

I also mentioned my congestion and she advised slippery elm for a sore throat. Mine hasn’t bothered me until just a little while ago. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion? Anyway, I got out my Cold Season Samplerand found the Throat Comfort has slippery elm. It also has various other herbs and spices which, I hope, won’t rile my reflux. I’d quit drinking it because of that.

DD is supposed to do a slight modification on my blog. I’d do it, myself, if I could figure out where to go. Since the most recent theme has been installed, I have no idea. Maybe she planned it that way. I called her a few minutes ago but she was still at work so we didn’t talk long. I did update her on Twinkle.

Poor Twinkle is resting on her chair. I don’t have any energy to spare but if I could transfer some weight, I would.

5 Responses to Waiting

  1. Lila December 3, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    Poor Twinkle and poor you!

  2. Mary Jane December 4, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    And another amen!!

  3. Joanie December 4, 2014 at 10:44 pm #

    What if you slept with the foot of the bed, to the wall and moved the wedge (if it will stay put) positioned so that if you slipped down, your feet would be close enough to the wall, to push yourself back up? Just a thought… So sorry for your difficulties…

    • Tommie December 5, 2014 at 9:15 am #

      The wall is about a foot from the head of the bed so it wouldn’t work but thanks for thinking about it.

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