A Delicious Thanksgiving Meal

Last night, I baked a cake in preparation for the Thanksgiving meal I was invited to at Cuz’ sister’s house (also a cousin). This morning, I made cream cheese icing to go on it plus I whipped up a recipe and a half of mac ‘n’ cheese. PLUS, I opened a couple of cans of three bean salad. Then I inquired if anyone liked “egg” nog and was told yes, that some people did.

During all this, Twinkle was looking anxious and meowing. She wanted Fancy Feast. She’d eaten some of it last night as well as nibbling on her Feline y/d.

Most of the morning was spent mixing and cooking and it was time to take my bath. That done, I got my latest Cuddl Dud fleece top and tried it on. It showed every roll and bump I own. I found out that my spare tire even has its own spare tire. Well, that one will go back the next time I’m close to a Kohl’s.

I boxed up my temporary coat. The permanent one had come Tuesday and the zipper works! I figured out how to repackage the Cuddl Duds I got from Amazon and I’ll have to take them to the closest UPS dropoff. Fortunately, I now know where that is.

The Catz and Big’Un did all they could to make my loading of the car interesting. Once, Big’Un managed to slip past me and into the living room before I could stop him. Yelling at him convinced the Interloper he wasn’t welcome.

Getting to my cousin’s house a half an hour early assured me of oven space for the mac ‘n’ cheese. There was already lots of food with more coming in all the time. Before it was over, I think there were around 15 of us there.

I’d been coughing more than usual and didn’t eat much. The pieces of cake were rather small so I ended up having two which was probably a mistake.

My cousin brought out a laundry list of lab work she’d had done so after I looked it over, I took my leave. Cuz helped me with my coat, hugged me and I left.

While I was at the house, I’d had a large glass of water so I wasn’t too concerned about my intake. When I got home, I had a 12 ozzie cup plus a cup of Breathe Deep. I returned DD’s call (she and her boyfriend are having Thanksgiving at merm’s house). My coughing commenced during our visit, then in earnest and I coughed and coughed until stuff started coming up. I’d think I was safe and it would start again. I have coughed and thrown up until my throat is sore.

With everything put away, I figured I’d sit down and rest a bit. Twinkle got on my lap and almost refused to get up when I had to go to the bathroom where the coughing and upchucking started all over.

I’ve been looking at wedge pillows and wonder if they will do any good since I have problems when I’m sitting up. I know I’m getting tired of this. Between coughing and Twinkle, it’s hard to enjoy life.

Well, I hope your Thanksgiving is better than mine and that all the food you ate stayed down.

4 Responses to A Delicious Thanksgiving Meal

  1. Lila November 27, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

    Not you best Thanksgiving. Sorry! Hope tomorrow is better.

    • Tommie November 27, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

      I don’t know if I dare to eat any more of that cake.

  2. Mary Jane November 28, 2014 at 7:20 am #

    What a shame! Hope you’re OK today. Glad Twinkle has eaten a few bites. I’ve eaten too many bites!

    • Tommie November 28, 2014 at 8:19 am #

      It was reflux. I’m getting about THAT tired of this.

      I’ve never seen you eat too many bites. That would be something to witness!

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