Well, Shoot!

Today was B-12 Day. At the best of times, I’m not overjoyed at the prospect of shooting myself. Three weeks in a row, I’ve had an “uh-oh”, this being the third.

Well, you know I used my last syringe from the box I’d bought while I was still gainfully employed. As a matter of fact, I used the last two syringes since one of them fell apart. Once again, I have a “Show and Tell”.

Yesterday, in anticipation of The Day, I’d gotten several syringes out of my stash and put them in a plastic bag close to the alcohol prep pads. After doing my washup and putting out the clean paper towel, I peeled back the wrapper on the syringe. My eyes popped and threatened to leave their sockets. Surely I wasn’t seeing what I was looking at.

I went to get a used syringe from last week. I’ve given up using a sharps container since they aren’t required in Tennessee. Sure enough, the needle is only 2/3 as long as the one I had in front of me.

50% longer

I’ve been using 1″ needles and the ones I ordered are 1.5″. It did make filling the syringe from the teeny tiny vial easier but I still didn’t relish the anticipation of putting it into my leg.

Rather than using the “dart-throwing” method of inserting the needle, I put it on my skin and “bounced” it in and only partway. There was more blood than usual when I finished pushing in the goosh and pulled the needle out.

Chatting with a rep from the company where I ordered them, I found out that I’d either have to keep them and use them or keep them and order more of the right length. The rep did offer me a 10% discount if I decided to replace them—or add to them.

I posted a question on Facebook and have gotten several replies. Most of them are advising using the syringes and just insert the needle 2/3 of the way. One EMT told me I could shoot myself in the hip and not worry about the fact that it’s so much longer. The only thing about that is, I’d be walking sideways after a while because my right hip would get it every time. He also said he’s a big weenie when it comes to giving himself a shot. He can’t even do a finger stick to measure his blood sugar.

So…I guess I’ll keep the syringes and try not to go as far my femur.

Getting myself in gear, I went to town and hit the beauty shop at just the right time. The Tattooed/Pierced Lady had just finished one up and would cut my hair as soon as she swept up the hair. I ran to the bathroom while she did that. Several of the hairdressers have moved on to other jobs so she and one other person are the only ones left. She’s the acting manager and she was much more talkative than on previous visits.

I’ve found that everything has its price so when she offered to dry my hair, I didn’t take her up on it. It would dry while I did my shopping.

On my way around the store, I saw a couple of friends and visited briefly. After I checked out, I saw two more and ended up having a LONG conversation with one that was very enjoyable. She worked at the hospital and retired fairly recently. She tried to get in to get her hair cut but the T/P Lady was booked.

It was getting on toward twilight when I pulled up to Cuz’ house to feed the animals. I got that taken care of and came on home.

Twinkle had eaten very little of her food. I’ve gone and done something I probably shouldn’t have but I can’t stand to see her waste away to nothing. She used to dearly love Fancy Feast beef with gravy. I bought half a dozen cans and mixed a tiny amount with the food that was left in her dish. Then I took the utensil I use especially for her food and had her smell it. She perked up and licked both sides, then followed me into the kitchen where she licked the lid from the FF and proceeded to polish off the half teaspoon or so of food. I mixed up some more but by that time, her appetite was sated. She licked at it but didn’t actually eat much. Before I go to bed, I’ll leave another dab or two in her dish.

Maybe it’s contagious, whatever it is Twinkle has. I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to eat after I got home so I’ve only had water and tea. Maybe I’ll make my Mii happy and lose a half lub or so overnight.

6 Responses to Well, Shoot!

  1. Lila November 26, 2014 at 8:55 am #

    Yay for FF! Hope your relish for food is back today. That is one of life’s pleasures!

    • Tommie November 26, 2014 at 8:58 am #

      I hope it doesn’t do more harm than good. Eating IS pleasurable. Sometimes too much so. 🙂

  2. Mary Jane November 26, 2014 at 10:37 am #

    A little food is better than none and might perk Twinkle up.

    • Tommie November 26, 2014 at 10:49 am #

      She’s plastered to the chair right now. Most of what I put out for her last night is gone but she doesn’t seem to be interested in more.

  3. Mary Jane November 26, 2014 at 10:39 am #

    P.S. I don’t know how you can shoot yourself! I’m much too much of a coward to do it!!

    • Tommie November 26, 2014 at 10:49 am #

      I’m a coward, too, but I’m more afraid of the alternative.

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