Another Rainy Day in Tennessee

Seeing the sky through the slats of the blinds from my nice warm bed (BTW, my heater does still work) didn’t bode too well for the day. It was leaden gray and dreary. The trees were dripping. “Back of the clouds, the sun is always shining.” A cheerful thought but it didn’t match the situation.

The ringing telephone did bring some hopeful news. The produce manager had two boxes of persimmons and was able to get the price down to 98 cents each. Not each box, though. Each persimmon. The count? He should have been able to look on the end flap but he counted each persimmon. 22. Hmmmmm. Not very big, huh? Well, about the size of a tomato. A cherry tomato? Campari? Beefsteak? There are lots of different sizes of tomatoes. I ended up telling him to hold a box for me and I’ll see if I want them when I get there.

Gone are the days when I used to order 10 lub boxes from Dario. Those were such gorgeous persimmons. I do wish he’d go back into the business but the last I heard, he’d moved on. These are from six years ago and they make my mouth water.


They were so good and juicy. I haven’t found any that compare.

Sliced persimmons

Enough wallowing, though.

Hoping against hope, I texted Cuz. No, no one would be here today. Someone would be tomorrow. I briefly considered not feeding the critters but it was only for a moment. I zipped the temporary coat partway up, pulled it over my head and zipped it the rest of the way. It was raining pretty briskly by that time so the hood came into play. Trying to deal with the garage door while holding an umbrella didn’t seem attractive. When the wind tried to take the hood off, I did have to resort to holding it with one hand.

After I’d fed the babies, three Catz and Big’Un were waiting on the back steps. I’d opened the garage door (I started to abbreviate it but “GD” wasn’t appropriate) on my way to the house so I went in, filled the food pan and closed the door, taking care not to injure myself in the process.

When I got back home, I was dry except for my feet. The temporary coat did a good job.

DD didn’t call today. I didn’t expect her to. The movers were to be at her apartment fairly early and any moving day is a full one. Poor Pixel will have to get used to a whole new place—again. I think this is the fifth place he’s lived and he’s younger than Twinkle. Not counting her place of birth, she’s lived in three.

Speaking of Twinkle, she’s eaten a bit more today but not enough to cheer about. Last night, after the animals had cleaned out her dish, I washed it thoroughly with dish soap and then scrubbed it with baking soda to get the other cat smell off of it.

I still need to drink another 12 ozzies of liquid before I go to bed. I wish I could get a schedule going that would let me get it all in several hours before I go to bed but I can’t. Guess it’s just more exercise in the long run (and run, it is).

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