The Coat

Yesterday, when The Coat came, I tried it on. It was with some difficulty that I was able to zip it up but I did manage it. And that’s where the story starts. Sort of.

Today, the doorbell rang. It was Cuz’ twin brother (also a cousin). He’d come to load up and cart away the old water heater. Concerned I would be nervous if I heard his doing about behind the house, he notified me in advance.

Later, I texted Cuz and asked if anyone besides her brother would be here today. No, but someone would be by tomorrow.

I’d had on my old robe since that’s what I wear when I do my body test. I changed into my new softer, warmer one so I wouldn’t feel quite so shabby. When the time came for me to go feed the critters, I took the tag off The Coat and put it on.

The CoatMy tea was steeping. I’d set the timer for 10 minutes. I wanted to be there and back before it beeped. I struggled. And struggled. And struggled some more. Thinking I had the zipper ends lined up perfectly, I’d pull on it with no success.

Giving up, I pulled the coat around me and held it closed with one hand. With the snaps only at the bottom, there’s no way otherwise.

After I fed the critters, I tried some more. No luck. I held it closed again and went to the mailbox. When I got back to the house, I tried zipping it again. And again. And again.

My tea had steeped far longer than the prescribed 10 minutes. I wrang the tea bag and brought the cup with me to the computer.

I sat down and pulled up the Live Person chat. Looking up The Coat, I was disgusted to see that it had been put on sale—just my luck! The sale price is what I paid with my 25% discount.

LeRoy came online and I told him about my struggles with the zipper and, to add insult to injury, now the coat had been marked down. He decided the zipper was defective and I could return the coat for a refund and order the other one, same size and color, that was still in stock. He’d waive the $6.95 charge for using the return label attached to my invoice.

So…what was I supposed to wear in the meantime? I had ordered the coat because I needed it. Well, I could go ahead and order the replacement, wear the original one until it got here and then send it back. Okay. Well, what about the discount I’d gotten on the first one? He gave me a code to get an additional 20% off that didn’t work. It said, “To take advantage of this promotion, you are required to purchase 1 more item(s) of qualifying merchandise.” I’d have to call Customer Service and place the order on the phone. He’d put everything in notes so there would be no misunderstanding about what was going on.

He gave me the 800 number and a woman answered. I think her name was Sherry. It’s unusual for me not to get the name plus note the time and date. I told her everything should be in my account and it was. Long story short, she manually discounted the 20% (she couldn’t override the requirement) and I’m getting a coat that will, hopefully, have a zipper that works easily. In the process, the total is $32.49 less than it was to begin with. I opted for the shipping upgrade for $5 to get the new one here sooner. It’s still $27.49 difference.

I tried zipping the coat with it not on me. It wasn’t easy but I made it work. Then I put it on. No way could I get it to zip. Taking it off, I tried it again. It worked. I gave up. I guess I’ll put it on with it partially zipped so I won’t be cold.

One more lesson is done. That means only one more to go. After the final check, I’ll upload the file to the server.

Twinkle has nibbled. It’s only a matter of time until she will probably hide under the couch where she’ll hiss and screech at anyone passing by. I’m not looking forward to it. She’s surely on her 11th life by now.

2 Responses to The Coat

  1. Lila November 20, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    Glad the coat thing worked out for you, and hope the next one is satisfactory.

    When Twinkle hides under the couch, etc., do you think that mean she’s in pain? I’ll be praying for her. She’s part of the family.

    • Tommie November 20, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

      I hope the next zipper works the way it should. When I read the reviews, there were two other people who had problems, too.

      Yes, I think Twinkle hides because she hurts. She gets very anxious and mostly wants to be left alone in her misery. It’s so sad.

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