Weary in Well Doing

After I said I wasn’t going to work on the lessons any more last night, I got tempted and did another half or so. Finally, I said, “Twinkle, that’s enough. I’m going to bed.” And I did.

Not a whole lot to report today. I called the pulmonologist’s office about the dosage on the generic Prilosec and was told yes, I was to take one in the morning, one at noon and the generic Zantac in the evening. I’m down to a week’s worth of Prilosec if I take two a day. I went looking on Amazonand found OTC Prilosec with magnesium for over a dollar less than I pay for the generic at Walmart with no tax and free shipping! Hopefully, it will be here before I run out.

I’ve finished (I think) through lesson 5. I never know until I go back through with a fine tooth comb and make sure I haven’t missed something. Even then, I find a mistake when I’m studying the current lesson and, as the editor says, I correct it on the fly.

When I went over to feed the critters, the cat food was down almost to the dust. I texted Cuz to bring them some more. It was whizzin’ cold out and spitting little tiny flakes of snow. Four Catz and Big’Un showed up. I haven’t seen the fifth or Bashful for several days.

Twinkle has eaten more today but that isn’t saying a lot. Neither one of us does well in cold weather. My appetite doesn’t dwindle but I just had to anoint my eyes because they were burning again. Next time I’m in town, I’ll have to check out the gel the Computer Owner uses.

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  1. Lila November 18, 2014 at 8:42 am #

    Does it concern you that two of your free boarders are missing? I imagine it does. Maybe they are teenagers and having their taste of independence. Just kidding. Hope they haven’t been victims of some other wild creature.

    • Tommie November 18, 2014 at 8:55 am #

      One of the missing boarders is an original member of the Catz Brigade. The food is purchased for them. The other may be the offspring of the only non-spayed one so, by right of inheritance, s/he can have access. Big’Un just helps himself.

      It does concern me but since Six is still a Functioning Female, she sometimes disappears for days at a time. I do wonder about Bashful, though.

      What ticks me off is when the neighborhood dogs come and eat the cat food. I can’t stay out there and guard it day and night but I wish there was some way to keep them out of it.

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