The phone was ringing when I was all but ready to go out the door. If I stopped to answer it, I probably wouldn’t get home before dark so I let ‘er ring.

It was drizzling when I left the house and the weather didn’t improve. “My” gas station has replaced the cover over the pumps so I didn’t get wet when I fueled the car, at least. This trip, I got 37.5 mpg. Still not bad for mountain driving.

When I got to Walmart, my favorite produce person was nowhere to be seen. I had price match on avocados—49 cents vs 98 cents for some really pitiful-looking ones. The avos I got at ALDI are bee-u-ti-ful (I still have one and a half) but the ones in the bin were squishy and gross. I went to the produce storage door and asked a man if they had any better ones. He checked and said no.

Making my rounds, I stocked up on what I needed and went to pick up my prescriptions. I told the woman to tell me how much they were before she scanned them. Total was $142.69. ?? How much were they individually? Well, the generic Prilosec was $132.69 and the generic Zantac was $10. I told her to put the Prilosec back but I’d take the other. The quantity of Prilosec was 180. That made them 74 cents each and the directions said to take two a day. I made up my mind I will call the doctor’s office tomorrow and make sure of the dosage. I’ve been taking one a day which has been controlling the acid. The OTC figure out to be 40 cents each. Big difference.

I looked for the wedge pillow the doctor assured me Walmart would have. Not so. The only wedge there was is a fill-in for the gap between a mattress and headboard. It beats me how a wedge will work with a waterbed, anyway.

Going back to the produce section, I asked a woman about kimchi. They used to have it but she’d never heard of it. She asked another person who had no clue, either. Then, there was my produce person! WOOHOO! If anyone would know, she would. No, they didn’t have it. We talked a bit and then I mentioned the less-than-primo avocados. I told her a man had checked and said those were all they had. She offered to check, herself, and came back with four. Two didn’t have stems so I rejected them. Going back for more, she brought me four to add to the other two.

It was still drizzly when I pulled up to Cuz’ house to feed the critters. I made quick work of it and came home. I had everything put away when I tried calling DD (she was the one calling when I didn’t answer). It wasn’t long before she called back.

We talked for almost a half hour when I called a halt so I could eat supper. I’m supposed to eat at least three hours before I go to bed and I was pushing it.

I’d worked on the lessons this morning and finished (I think) the first two, then started on the third. No more tonight.

Twinkle still isn’t eating enough. My eyes are burning in spite of the fact that I bought some expensive artificial tears and manage to get at least one drop out of three in my eyes. Winter is liable to do us in.

2 Responses to HOW MUCH??

  1. Lila November 17, 2014 at 8:01 am #

    Interesting avocado experience! Maybe the first person you asked didn’t know where to look, do you suppose?

    • Tommie November 17, 2014 at 8:24 am #

      Either that or he wanted me to buy the close-to-compost in the bin first. My favorite person said they get them in either green green or too ripe. I told her that I like ’em hard enough to kill somebody. Maybe they’ll put them out green and sell more.

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