Getting Ready for Winter

When I look back at Thursday’s post, I can tell I wasn’t at all happy. I guess I complain a lot, anyway, but that write-up took the cake. I do want everyone to know there was a BIG blessing that day. I’d remarked to Cuz the day before that I wished Friday’s weather outlook would be switched with Thursday’s because I didn’t want to be driving in rain. Well, sometimes you get what you wish for and sometimes better. It was a beautiful sunshiny day—even if there was a stiff wind blowing. And yesterday was just about the same.

Yesterday morning, I woke with an aching back. I guess I’d hit the switch on the power bar beside my bed when I was making it up because I’d slept cold.

Cuz called to ask a favor and get an update. The favor was to go into her email for some info (she must trust me) and after that, she asked about my doctor visit. I told her he’d given me a bit of hope with his opinion that what I have may be treatable. How did I feel? Like I’d been beat with a stick. At the time, she didn’t know if anyone would be here to feed or not but she promised to let me know.

Later, she texted me that no one would be out but if I didn’t feel up to going over there, the animals wouldn’t starve. Well, I didn’t want to go but I hated to think of their going hungry, too. The outside animals not so much. They can hunt if need be but the babies are up a creek without a paddle if they don’t have food.

I started my fortune cookie tea to steeping and set out. Besides getting the job done, I was curious about how long it takes. It seems like a good chunk of time but when I got back in the house, the timer still had a few seconds to go to ding after 10 minutes. So I was faster than I thought.

My back pain moved from my ribs to my lower back and I spent a lot of the day with heat on it. I’m usually, thankfully, pain-free. When I’m not, it makes me feel sorry for the people who have chronic pain.

When I went to bed last night, it was warm. I’d turned the dial up just the least bit and the heater took care of the rest. I’m sure I slept warmer than the camping out-ers from the church. This weekend was Sabbath in the Park and guess who didn’t participate?

It was after 8:30 when I woke after having strange dreams about DH. He’d come home briefly and was driving a little red sports car. We had three small children and he was largely ignoring them which infuriated me. As he was driving off, I pulled the car door open and got in. Just as I was getting ready to vent in a truly theatrical manner, I woke up. That was frustrating. I did so want to see how everything played out.

After I had my quiet time and ate breakfast, I “went to church” here. The speaker is someone I knew long ago and I thought the video of the sermon was online but it was only the audio. It was a good sermon but I didn’t especially enjoy the part about how Eskimos kill wolves.

The post lady rang the doorbell and when I opened the door, she handed me a large box. It was my winter clothes. Tracking had said they’d be delivered Monday but it had been updated to today. I was glad because I hadn’t done laundry yesterday and I needed something warm and clean to put on.

I took a long, soaking bath which felt good to my still somewhat aching back. Then I picked out my “Plush robe with festive snowflake print, ribbed collar and cuffs and a step-in zip front.” The pink one was the only color available. Here’s the style:

Snowflake Robes

Snowflake PrintIt said it was a Festive Snowflake Print but I didn’t see the flakes until I looked very closely. It has bells on it, too, which makes it more festive, I guess. At any rate, I’m wearing it, it’s comfortable, warm and the rib cuffs and collar help to keep the cool air out and the warmth in.

I was surprised by the loungers, though. I thought I’d ordered one of each color with The Cat on all of them. Well, there’s a dog, a bear and a penguin. That’s fine but it would be nice if the description made that clear. I haven’t tried any of them on yet. The robe is nice and roomy and I hope they are, too.

On up in the afternoon, I texted Cuz to see if I needed to feed. She texted back no. That was nice. I wouldn’t have to bundle up and go out.

I’ve wondered how the campers have fared. I’m sure a lot of people went just for today but there were hardy souls planning to camp out both last night and tonight. Weatherbug has the low predicted at 38 for the valley and they are on top of a mountain that gets colder than mine does. At one time, I would have been up for it but my camping days are over. It used to be my idea of camping was to turn down the thermostat but since I don’t use the furnace any more, I guess it would be turning off the Dr. Heater.

Yesterday, the editor sprang some unexpected news on me. She and her husband will be moving to Texas from Canada after the first of the year. That’s quite amazing. I’m wondering how they’ll like it. When they lived in the States before, it was in Michigan so this will be a real change.

Twinkle is down for the night, I believe. I still have my water and last cup of herbal tea to drink. I was planning to list the “fortunes” on the tags from the last week’s tea imbibing but that’s too much work for now.

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  1. Lila November 9, 2014 at 6:46 am #

    That robe looks cozy! Is it flannel?

    • Tommie November 9, 2014 at 7:29 am #

      The description says it’s “microfleece”. I guess that means it’s polyester flannel. It’s warm!

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