Trojans, Spyware and Malware, Oh My!!

Not to mention viruses, keyloggers, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and rogue software. In the early days of the Internet, it was relatively safe. Getting a trojan or a virus was serious but rare. Nowadays, a person has to be vigilant and not click on anything that might install a program that could be anywhere from simply aggravating to destructive.

I’d reluctantly crawled out of bed shortly after the sun rose above the roof of Cuz’ house. The B-12 paraphernalia I’d taken to DS1’s house was still in the sandwich bag. It had been my plan to shoot myself while I was there but it didn’t happen. It was a week today since my first experience with the mini-vial so I had to get myself in gear and do it to it.

Gathering everything together, I made sure my hands were clean. Following the instructions I’d gleaned from the pharmacist, I got the syringe filled comparatively quickly. I’ll have to remember the needle that looks so very long going into my leg is much shorter when I’m trying to keep it just inside the rubber stopper.

The shooting was over more quickly, too. I gathered up all the trash and disposed of the used syringe in the apple cider jug from last year.

I did my body test and, in spite of the way I felt, I ended up with a Wii Fit age of 20. My Mii fussed at me for missing yesterday. Was I too busy to work out? No. I wasn’t here.

My devotions included catching up in the women’s devotional book. I hadn’t taken it with me. One of the men at Homecoming told me he prefers the women’s book to the men’s and that he especially appreciates my sister’s contributions. He said that men write about all this deep, eschatological stuff but women write from the heart.

At the best of times, it takes a good hour and a half after I get up before I can eat breakfast. I was moving pretty slowly this morning after three days of intense activity.

I’d started fixing my first cup of herbal tea (I drink it before I eat anything) when the phone rang. It was my sister. She was having problems with her computer. She couldn’t get to the Internet via Chrome. Whenever she tried, a message would come up about the user profile and she needed a new version. Then a program called Regclean Pro would try to run.

Trying to tell her what to do was difficult. I’ve considered remoting in at times like this but she’d need to set up the program and permissions and telling her what to do was probably easier. Getting her out of the mindset that she had to close one program before she opened another was a bit more difficult. I’m used to multitasking on a computer. She isn’t. Right now, I have at least six programs open and a dozen tabs in Chrome and that’s on a slow night.

I walked her through some things (I had to have her use Internet Explorer) and we hung up with a full antivirus scan running.


Later, I tried to call her and when she got home, she called me back. With my directing her, she uninstalled Regclean Pro (how it installed itself is beyond me) and downloaded and installed Malwarebytes. I told her what to do when it finished its scan and we hung up. All told, between the two calls, we’d been troubleshooting for over an hour. I have a newfound respect for support people.

Thinking back, I used to download programs without a care in the world. I remember one April Fool’s prank I sent to a very serious computer support person. When it was opened and run, it would take a snapshot of the Windows files that were actually on the computer, then (supposedly) wipe them out. He almost had to go home to change clothes. I’d never think of doing something like that now.

Otherwise, Twinkle and I have been rather lazy. I haven’t even been to the mailbox. Cuz (or somebody) came out so I didn’t have to go feed the animules. I did get 15 minutes in the sun.

Maybe my B-12 will kick in by tomorrow and I’ll feel up to doing something besides recuperating. I can hope.

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  1. Lila October 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    The manager of a construction company told me he uses the women’s devotional book when he has worship with his crew each morning – likes it better than others. When my husband was living, I wondered why there should even be such a book. Now I’m rereading a book about how women need other women as special friends, even though married, and it makes sense. Men act from the head, women from the heart.

    • Tommie October 29, 2014 at 1:14 pm #

      It must be true since so many people agree!

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