Three Days in a Row

Day before yesterday, I was distracted. Yesterday, I was distracted. Today, I noted the time but got busy and it slipped past. Tomorrow is another day and I hope to get out and get some sun!

no sunAt any rate, I’d gotten more sleep last night until early this morning when my left leg decided to participate in the Granddaddy of All Cramps. I tried stretching it, rubbing it and praying (not necessarily in that order). The pickle juice remedy came to mind and I had a jar of it in the fridge I’d saved for just such occasions. When I started to pull it out, I managed to knock a half-full can of garbanzos off the shelf and onto the floor. I picked it up as quickly as possible, saving most of them. There were enough out of the can, though, that it made quite a mess. I’m ashamed to say I left it and went back to bed after I drank some pickle juice. I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to wake up enough to clean so sue me.

The pickle juice did the job and my cramp was gone. I was still sleepy enough I dozed off quickly and didn’t wake for the day until a couple more hours had gone by. Twinkle was probably glad for the accident. She does like the broth off garbanzo beans so she could lap up all she wanted.

I’ve been working off and on to get Cuz’ Facebook page ready to publish. I have 11 projects uploaded and another ready to go. After that one’s done, there are four more and it will go live.

Speaking of Cuz, I texted her this afternoon to see if my CIL would be doing the feeding today. No, but he should tomorrow. I got ready and went over to take care of the critters. Only three of the Catz showed up along with Big’Un. One of the females takes after her mama with her loud high voice. It’s a good thing I don’t hear wonderfully well. I think it would be painful if I could.

Top temp where I’m sitting has probably been about 67 today. I have the Dr. Heater on to 68 so it’s doing a good job keeping it in range. I’d love to be able to get the sheets off the registers. They make good tripping hazards. I have plastic to go over the furnace grill. The Press ‘n’ Seal I put on it last year has seen its day.

Twinkle has finished off yet another can of food so I’ll have to get one out of the box so she won’t starve during the night. My sister cooked a butternut squash today and I finished one up I murdered and baked the other day. We must have similar taste.

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