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I’m still waiting for my apples, winter squash and potatoes. The sun came out of hiding yesterday and I was able to get my D. Today, I was inside so I couldn’t visit Ol’ Sol. Later this afternoon, the clouds rolled back in. I hope they roll out before tomorrow. Far as I know, it hasn’t rained and that’s an improvement.

When I was in Bi-Lo, I went to the pharmacy and asked about multi-dose vials of B-12. No, they only had the single dose vials. How much? Well, my prescription had expired on the 6th and they couldn’t tell me unless they ran it through. I’d need to get a new one from the doctor.

I emailed my PCP and told him what the deal was. He emailed back the next day that he’d taken care of it. When I called the pharmacy, I was told that yes, they had the prescription and I could get three one dose vials to equal a 90 day supply. WHA’ THE?? I am supposed to inject weekly. That would be a three week supply. Contact my PCP again and get a corrected prescription.

Not only did I call the office, I emailed and stressed it was supposed to be weekly, NOT monthly. Since I’ve been on the patches, my level is a bit more than 1/4 what it was on the injections. Another email came in that it had been taken care of.

I called the pharmacy and yes, they had the corrected prescription but they only had 10 vials. That was fine. Run that through and give me a price. It ends up being a little less that $40 for the 10. That smarts. I used to get a 30 dose vial for right at $20. The injections do far more good than the patches. The two are comparable in price until the syringes and prep pads are factored in. Then the injections cost more but they work and that’s the object. If the patches did as good a job, they are painless, stress-free and are a conversation-starter. Too bad they don’t live up to the hype.

By the time everything got straightened out, I still had too much to do to drop everything and go to town. If it had been right to begin with, there would have been no problem. Oh, well. I’ve gone without this long…

Last night, I set the timer for long enough for it to go off a little after 6 and went to bed. It was cool but stuffy in the bedroom so I turned the fan on low. I was in bed by a few minutes after 9.

There was a guest speaker scheduled so we were to have a fellowship meal. A lot of the men were gone on a retreat so the congregation was pretty slim. I’d taken macaroni salad and two bags of Beanfield’s chips.


The regular sound system guy was missing and it was hard to hear the women when they spoke. Since all the men were gone, the voices were in the range that my hearing isn’t. Try as I might, I couldn’t adjust the aids so I could understand everything that was being said. I’ve found that, during music in general, it’s best to turn them off altogether.

Since I wasn’t benefiting from the sermon, I left early and went over to take care of my chips. The salad was done except for taking the Press ‘n’ Seal off.

It was quite awhile before church was over and people started filtering in.

I’d made sure the salad had plenty of Vegenaise but the pasta had soaked it all up and it was kinda dry. I think it was Alton Brown that said, “Never throw away pasta water!” I should have mixed enough in to keep it moist but it all went down the drain.

Even though the men were gone, there was as much—or more—food on the tables. Guess that shows who does the cooking!

Since there was so much food, there was a lot of everything left over. I sent macaroni salad home with two people and kept enough for my supper.

Well, I have another project in the works. Cuz wants me to set up a Facebook page for her and transfer all the pictures on her web site to it so she can cancel that account. She said there’s no hurry which is nice since Q1 2015 is supposed to go live the end of next month and I haven’t done the first thing on it.

Twinkle is so lucky! She gets her food doled out to her every day and she sleeps most of her life away. As for me, I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I’ve finished my second cup of Immune Support. I discovered the little paper tabs on the tea bag strings have sayings on them. This one said, “Speak the truth.” The one from earlier today said, “May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony.” Amen.

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  1. Lila October 19, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    This is the first time I remember hearing of Immune Support. Tell me more. I need all the immune support I can get.

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