A Nuther Sattidy Nite

Yesterday was a cloudy day. Seems that’s the usual. There wasn’t enough sun to get out and soak up my vitamin D so my drops had to do.

I texted Cuz and asked when the critters had been fed. She texted back that they did it the day before prior to leaving. I didn’t even know when everyone vacated the premises.

My friend in the halfway house emailed that he was waiting to find out if he could go home again for the weekend. Pretty soon, I got the news. He was being allowed to leave in the late afternoon and he’d have to be back tomorrow night. I don’t know if he wears a tracking device but I’m sure he does. He’s getting more and more freedom. I know it feels good. He’s landed a job, too, working at a factory that manufactures parts for cars. It’s through a temporary agency but there’s a good chance he’ll be hired on full time if he works hard.

It was cloudy and raining much of the day. I gave up on things clearing off so I could go feed in the dry. I grabbed my umbrella and set out. All of the Catz and Big’Un were afraid of it. The house was stuffy when I went in so I turned on the a/c. If I’m going to feed the sugar babies, I refuse to suffocate.

The mail hadn’t been checked since Tuesday when I came home from visiting my sisters. No biggie. The box was empty.

I’d posted the bulletin on Thursday and it said there would be no fellowship meal this week. Last week, it had said the same thing. Last night, the Cavalry’s wife got in touch with me (the Phone/Email Committee of One) and asked me to put the word out that there actually would be a meal. I sent a blast email plus I posted it on Facebook. When asked if I’d called people—well, no. Many of the numbers on that telephone co-op are blocked and I have to go clear ’round the world to get through. That’s one reason I need someone on the “committee” with me. To make up for no phone calling, I created an event on Facebook. There was no way I was going to fix anything for the meal. It was almost bedtime when the back and forth ended.

My friend called me when he was almost to his brother’s house. I wished him a good weekend. Later, I texted him with some info he wanted but I don’t know if he got it. He’s probably been so busy he hasn’t had time to check.

It wasn’t quite 9 p.m. TT when I was in bed.

I arrived at church when class had already started. Even with my hearing aids, I couldn’t tell much of what was going on.

During the “meditation music” time, I turned my hearing aids off. I think the combination on the organ is the same for everything. It probably makes it louder because I’m sitting against the back wall, too.

As it seems the custom is these days, all the songs for the second song service were pre-selected. When I was playing the organ, I was glad to get the numbers ahead of time but now…It’s one of the few times when there’s congregation participation. I’m too backward to join in the class discussion, especially when I’m not sure of what’s being said, but I can request a song that means something to me. I’m sure there are other people in the same boat.

During the announcement time, the Cavalry apologized for the mix-up about the fellowship meal. The bulletin secretary looked at me and raised her eyebrows. Such is the life of the bulletin secretary. She’s the last to know.

The church service was a good ‘un. It always is when the pastor is speaking.

After the service was over, I gave the strawberry cream “cheese” to the now organist. She said the men in the family had eaten the other “cheese” and seemed to think it was okay. I’m glad they liked it.

I pulled up to Cuz’ house and fed the critters. Then I went to the garage and got some mac ‘n’ cheese out of the freezer. It was the carton of the mixed varieties.

Probably an hour after lunch, I broke out my package of Yogi Breathe Deep herbal tea. I’d bought it last Tuesday when I was at the university supermarket. It is the best tasting tea I do believe I’ve ever had.

Yogi Tea Bags

Yogi Facts

It doesn’t need any sweetening. It’s sweet on its own. Tonight, I looked it up on Amazon and found that, on subscription, it’s 53% of the price I paid. That’s a bit more than half but it’s a significant saving. I had another cup this evening. It’s that good.

The prayer breakfast is tomorrow morning. I haven’t decided whether I’ll go or not. I didn’t find out about it until this afternoon. Last year, I had a list of dates but I don’t this year.

Twinkle is concentrating on something on the floor. Or maybe she’s just zoned out thinking. I’ve given up trying to imagine what goes on in her brain.

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