The Visit

The sisters had traveled from North Carolina and were staying with my niece. When I went to the Apple House, I’d bought an extra bag of Jonagolds and five fried pies. Next morning, I got up early so I could get there at a reasonable hour.

My morning routine isn’t brief. I had my quiet time and was cutting up an apple for breakfast (not the only thing on the menu) when the phone rang. It was one of my sisters. Yes, I was still planning to come but I had to eat, take a bath and get dressed. Yes, I’d call before I left the house.

I ate breakfast and had my bath water running when the phone rang again. I should bring some Vegenaise. Lunch would be tomato, avocado and onion sandwiches. Okay. I was just getting ready to get into the tub. “So you’ll be here in about an hour?” Well, no. It would take longer than that to make the trip and I still had to take my bath. Oh. She though I said I was getting into the car.

Before I left, I called as promised and my great-niece answered the phone. I asked her to tell her grandma I was leaving but I would be longer than planned because I had to stop and get gas.

It had rained a lot and there was a thick pea-souper type fog going down the mountain. If it hadn’t been for the yellow line, there were times I would have been completely lost.

My usual station has pay-at-the-pump now so it took me a few minutes to figure it out. THEN I ran the tank over a bit trying to squeeze nine gallons in. My mileage was 38 mpg—pretty good for an aging Honda.

When I got to my destination, I checked the trip meter. It was 36.6 from the station to my niece’s house. It’s something like 10 miles from my house to the station so it’s almost 47 miles each way. BUT, I don’t go to the station on the way back

I went in to hugs all around. We visited for a while, then my sister got the notebook out so I could school her on some things. She didn’t know she could put the card from her camera into the card reader so I showed her that and put a cover photo on her Facebook timeline.

She suggested we could play a game but the only one I was familiar with was Uno. I mentioned that Genese and I don’t play Wordscraper any more. She said she hadn’t realized that but remembered I hadn’t said anything about it for a long time. I miss it and I haven’t found another opponent. I invited my sister to play but she didn’t accept.

Our lunch was the planned sandwiches with homemade bread baked by our middle sister. Dessert was chocolate mousse I’d made the day before. I’d used the full 3/4 cup maple syrup and it was a bit much, I think.

Little DS1We retired to the living room and one of my sisters handed me a little cookbook. I didn’t remember it at all. It’s ancient and my sister remarked it looked like DS1 on the cover. I had to agree.

MessageI was flipping through the pages and saw recipes for all sorts of things I used to make but haven’t for a long, long time. Then I looked inside the front cover and saw the inscription. I wish she had dated it, too, but the only date I could find was the copyright and that was 1930—14 years before I was born. It’s a treasure and I appreciate my sister bringing it to me. It means even more because a lot of my cookbooks were water damaged after I moved here.

We talked over old times and laughed until I almost cried (I can’t speak for them). Then we got out the notebook again for more education.

I left later than I’d planned and went to the university supermarket. There were things I had on my list that were hard to find so I spent ‘way too much time there. It was almost dark when I got home.

The perishables were brought in but I left the rest of the stuff in the car for this morning. I called and let the family know I’d made it home.

It had been too long since my last meal and I was hungry. I drank another 16 ozzies of water (I’d had some at my niece’s, too) and, after it had time to settle, I had a bagel with some of the GO Veggie! strawberry (sort of) cream cheese (okay) spread. When I pulled off the inner seal, I was surprised to see something that looked like this:


The color is definitely not appetizing and the way it had split with the “fluid” pooled on top didn’t look good. After my bagel had toasted, I gingerly dug in and spread both halves with what one of the men at the hospital would have called “salve”.

Now, since I’ve never been lucky enough to sample the Daiya strawberry spread, I can’t make a comparison. I can only tell you my impression of this. It has a very strange un-strawberry-like flavor and the aftertaste is chemical-ly. The rest of this carton is going to my secondary tester at church. I still haven’t found out how she liked the other offerings.

To take the taste of that away, I opened the plain cream cheese-like spread. It’s passable but it had split, too. I can handle the taste but it would be nice if it weren’t soy-based like so many other foods are.

Cuz had called so I called her back. Since it was getting late, she said she’d come by “in the morning”.

I was too tired to blog (obviously) and when I went into the bedroom to (obviously) go to bed, I started coughing. It wasn’t one of the half hour long episodes but it was piling on top of a busy day. At least I only threw up once.

It was after 7 TT when I woke up. I was lying there, thinking, when the doorbell rang. Pulling on my housecoat, I went to the door and it was Cuz. She’d already been to town and back. I felt like a ne’er do well.

We visited for a while and when she left, I was tempted to go back to bed but I stayed up. She texted me that her printer wasn’t printing and would I see what I could do to get it going.

After breakfast, I went over and was greeted by Cuz’ twin brother. CIL’s truck was being worked on by his niece’s boyfriend. I didn’t recognize the niece. The last time I’d seen her was when she was just a kid and she’s all grown up now. We talked a bit and I went in and got started.

Troubleshooting went to a whole new level and I still haven’t gotten the durn printer to print. Cuz had a migraine and went to bed. I almost had one when I gave up and left. She’d given me a bag for tomatoes so I helped myself on the way out. I still have one left from the first batch. These should do me for a week or two.

I’ve been pretty much worthless otherwise. Twinkle has been asking for food. She’s far below her consumption of a couple of days ago. She’s unpredictable if nothing else.

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  1. Lila October 9, 2014 at 5:56 am #

    Thanks for you help on the notebook; I could use a lot more!

    • Tommie October 9, 2014 at 8:21 am #

      You’re welcome! It’s better to learn more slowly. If I threw “a lot more” at you, you wouldn’t retain it all.

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