Richer AND Poorer

I got an email from Walmart today. Their Savings Catcher had found 52 cents I could have saved at Walgreen. It’s handy that I can price match within a large radius and they’ll check stores I’d never think to.

2014-09-30 11_18_19-Your Savings Dashboard – Walmart's Savings Catcher

So…I’m a bit closer to having a decent amount to apply to a gift certificate or something. I’ll just let it sit and grow.

SandalsThere are people who loathe Walmart and think it should be boycotted. That’s the way I feel about Herrington Catalog now. I should have never ordered from them but it was the only place I could get the sandals I wanted. To begin with, the $15.95 for shipping was a bit pricy, especially since I’d ordered a size 7 on their advice. Normally, I wear a 6 but one of my pairs of MBTs is just a shade too tight. When I asked about a 6 1/2, I was told to get the larger size.

When the shoes came, I took one sandal out of the box, removed the cardboard “shoe tree” and tried it on. There was no way they were going to fit. My foot was swimming in the shoe. I packed it back up and returned it, using the $7.95 label provided.

This morning, I checked Discover. There was no credit. I called Herrington’s toll-free number and spoke to a woman named Karen. She had to put me on hold several times but when the conversation was over, she’d assured me the credit would be put through today. I’d get my money back less the $15.95 plus $7.95. I’m paying $23.90 just to try on one shoe. It’s an expensive lesson. Never order from that place ever again. If I don’t get my partial refund soon, I’ll open a dispute with Discover. Unless their system has to go through day-end processing, nothing’s changed.

I’ve been doing some more research about when I should get out in the sun for the optimal vitamin D manufacture and, surprisingly, the answer is noon. I’ve been getting out closer and closer to that time of day but staying in the sun when it’s directly overhead for 30 minutes seems a bit excessive. Both times I got out for sun, Big’Un was right there to be petted. We’ll see how he likes the new schedule.

My CIL was home for a while today. I gave him Cuz’ computer.

I had a brief conversation with DS1 this evening. My sister had notified the family yesterday that a line had been cut at my other sister’s house so her phone and Internet were out of commission. Seems it should have been fixed by now but I don’t know what’s involved.

Twinkle’s been fed and I’m sleepy. I’ll save any other rant for next time.

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  1. Mary Jane October 1, 2014 at 7:33 pm #

    She found out later that they were replacing some lines–I suppose older ones.

    • Tommie October 1, 2014 at 7:43 pm #

      That’s good. Her service should improve.

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