Happy Birthday to Twinkle!

When my Wii was new, I set up accounts for both Twinkle and me. I had to enter a birthday for her. I knew she was probably taken from her mother too young so I ballparked approximately five weeks before that and came up with September 23. For the past several days, my Wii has been reminding me that her birthday was coming up. Was I going to give her a party? Buy her presents? Bake her a cake? No, no and no.

Quite some time ago, I discovered birthdays aren’t celebrated with parties when the honoree is older. The exception to that rule was my mother. I think she had a party or some kind of celebration with her children every year. According to the cat years calculator, Twinkle is 85 so no party. (In cat years, I’m 13.3.)

As for the presents, I’ve given up on buying anything that interests her. The Bubbler is for my convenience and to keep her in fresh water. As a bonus, it can fascinate her for hours.

There’s the matter of a cake. Since she has feline Graves’ disease, her prescription cat food is the only thing she can eat so it would be up to me to eat a cake. That’s something I don’t need.

The Wii keeps aggravating me to weigh Twinkle so I managed to do it this morning. When I accessed her account, there were balloons and streamers and a birthday message. She doesn’t like to be picked up so I waited until the Wii’s excitement tapered off. According to her stats, she’s lost .7 lub since the last time which was I don’t know when.

I posted a happy birthday message on Facebook and an earlier picture of Twinkle. Later, I took a picture of her today. This is Twinkle in her birthday suit.

17 year old Twinkle

My first 15 minutes of solar nourishment was accompanied by Big’Un. When the weather gets cold, I just may let him get on my lap. He does have claws and they are very evident when he starts “kneading”.

The eggplant wasn’t going to take care of itself so I cut it in two and put it on a baking pan.


I’d sprayed it with olive oil and baked it at 400 degrees F until it was well roasted and soft.

Baked Eggplant

After it cooled, I scooped out the flesh and mixed it with kala namak, onion & garlic powder, cumin, ginger and paprika. Pretty tasty. Not at all pretty pretty.

Eggplant, ready to eat.

When I went out for my afternoon health initiative, I noticed the tomato plant is starting to bear. Wonder if they’ll have a chance to get ripe?


I’d put it off long enough so I got out all the equipment and ingredients I’d need for (TADA!!) mac ‘n’ cheese. I went by the Daiya recipe I always use except I didn’t halve it. I really should have because I was only using one lub of Sam Mills pasta. Anyway, I like Sam Mills because it’s non-GMO and if I’m taking it somewhere to share, anyone who is eating gluten-free has an option. It also cooks up nicely and doesn’t get mushy.

Measuring out the cheese into separate bowls, it was evident there’s quite a difference. The Daiya is on the left and the GO Veggie! is on the right.

Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

I’d assumed the shredded GV was a package of cheddar and one of mozzarella. Not so. There was mozzarella, for sure, but the other package was Mexican Style. I guess it’s supposed to be cheddar and maybe jack? Anyway, it more closely resembles dairy cheese as far as appearance is concerned. A serving has six grams of fat as does the Daiya. However, a serving of GV is 1/3 cup and Daiya is 1/4 cup.

With the macaroni cooked and everything stirred together, this is how it looked:

Again Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

The Daiya is a bit drier product so I’d added a cup of the pasta water.

Still later, the Daiya had soaked up more of the moisture but the GV was about the same as it was before. This is when I loaded it into storage containers.

Later, Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

When I stirred it, the Daiya was thicker. The GV was creamier. Points to the GV for appearance and the ability to stay creamy. For me, that isn’t the most important thing, though. Taste trumps everything else and Daiya tastes better to me. The GV has a bit of an artificial taste that I don’t care for.

Supper was eggplant, peas and mac ‘n’ cheese (that rhymes!). I ate a small serving of each of the macs, then got the bright idea of mixing them together. That helped the GV but didn’t do a lot for the Daiya.

According to my calculations, Daiya is still in the lead in the comparison tests. It will be a while before I test anything else. I don’t want to eat too much of this rich stuff. I feel like I overdid it today and I’ll have leftovers for several days. I’ll probably end up putting a lot of it in the freezer.

Well, Twinkle’s birthday is almost over. I sang to her this morning and she laid her ears back and looked alarmed. Seems I have that effect on people, too.

It’s fall for sure. My sister had pointed out in a comment that yesterday was the first day. However, opinions are split on that. Some say the 22nd and some the 23rd. Whichever it is, it’s here.

2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Twinkle!

  1. Mary Jane September 24, 2014 at 7:12 am #

    The very beginning of fall, according to the news on TV, was late on the 22nd, which made the 23rd the first full day. I’m sure there are differences of opinion, but I reckon that’s OK! The sun will still rise and set at the appointed time, and seasons will come and go.

    Happy Birthday to Twinkle! I won’t torment her by singing to her, as she might hiss or howl.

    • Tommie September 24, 2014 at 7:51 am #

      Your granddaughter celebrated the equinox yesterday on Facebook. I don’t reckon it really matters which day/time it is.

      Twinkle is disappointed that you won’t sing. She was looking forward to hearing someone other than her Human.

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