Coming Out

I had lot of plans for today. I was on a mission to get some housecleaning done plus I was going to make that mac ‘n’ cheese comparison I’ve been promising. Guess what? None of it happened.

I had two sets of forms—eight pages each including the cover sheet—that needed to be faxed. I plugged everything up and proceeded. I thought. After a couple of attempts, I had to change the phone cord. I was using the one that was already plugged up to the all-in-one and it evidently had outlived its usefulness. The flashlight I had grabbed must’ve been left on the last time I’d used it. The batteries were dead. I ended up replacing them in both flashlights.

Changing the cord didn’t take much time. I simply unplugged the one from the cordless base and plugged it into the printer. The memory showed that it was full. I cleared it and started over. Repeatedly. Sending one of the eight page sets through, I got a confirmation that ONE PAGE had been transmitted. Well, that wasn’t good. I set about sending it again. That time, six went through. Still not good enough.

The memory was full again. I turned the printer off and left it off long enough to clear everything out. When I turned it back on and sent the fax again, that time it went through—all eight pages.

By then, it was time to go out for my afternoon vitamin D. I’d had my morning dose with Big’Un at my feet and rubbing against my legs. I started the second fax through and decided it could transmit without me staring at the display. After I fed the critters, I got my camp chair and put it in the sun beside the garage.

Big’Un joined me. After just a few minutes, the sun had traveled far enough that it was filtering through the leaves of the trees. I had to move so I’d be in full sun once again. Big’Un followed. He convinced me to rub his head and neck and would have gotten on my lap if I’d let him. I feel we are still in the “getting acquainted” stage and that much contact is a bit too familiar. Besides, my thighs were bare and having them covered by a large cat would defeat the purpose of being in the sun.

My 15 minutes over, I was back to the fax. The blamed thing hadn’t gone through AGAIN. Twice more, I tried. Finally I got a confirmation for eight pages. I called and talked to a rep to make sure everything had gone through okay. Well, one of the faxes was complete but the second one was missing the signature sheet. ARRGGGHH! She was giving me an ID number to put at the top of that one page so it would end up with its siblings when a call started ringing through. That’s when it dawned on me. The interruption was causing my faxes to fail!

After we hung up, I took a deep breath and faxed that one sheet with a cover sheet. It went through. She’d told me to wait a couple of hours and call back to make sure everything was there and ready to be processed. The phone rang. It was their dang fax trying to call my fax. It had been sabotaging my faxes all afternoon.

I ate supper (leftovers) and picked up the phone. I didn’t get a dial tone. I went into the bedroom. The netbook was off. That was strange. I have the power settings so it doesn’t go off unless it’s on battery. I pushed the power button and it resumed Windows. It showed 5% battery power remaining. I checked the power bar it was plugged into and it was dead. Oh, happy day.

Plugging the netbook into the OTHER power bar, I had to get MagicJack restarted. That took a couple of tries. I called the company and, hallelujah! everything was there.

An email came about my latest Savings Catcher. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I don’t think I’ll have enough by Christmas to cover my shopping.

My hair is much thinner than it was this morning. I’d had a bath already today but I smelled like I was on a weekly schedule and had missed a couple of Saturday nights. I took another one.

Twinkle is to be fed. It’s been cool all day so she’s comfy on her heating pad. I got on the Apple House’s Facebook page and asked about when the Fujis will be in. For a wonder, I got a reply. The first week of October is when they start. DD’s room should be okay for storing them by then. Fall’s just around the corner.

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  1. Lila September 23, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    Actually, fall rounded the corner yesterday, the day you wrote this.

    About the frustration with the fax – I feel your pain, thought mine doesn’t concern a fax, but the new buttons on FB.

    • Tommie September 23, 2014 at 8:08 am #

      No wonder it’s been feeling fallish! The Autumnal Equinox!!

      Guess the new buttons haven’t been rolled out to me yet. I haven’t noticed anything that’s different from what it was last week.

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