Tempted. That’s what I was. I really didn’t want to go to the hospital for lab work but I knew putting it off wouldn’t do any good, either. The best thing would be to go and get it over with. It isn’t that I dread the stick or the multiple vials. Going to that end of town is something I seldom do. Traffic is heavier and it’s almost always stop and go.

I had most of my quiet time, took a shower and headed out. I battled my way through countless intersections and more times than not, the lights stayed green.

The lady at the front desk entered me on the log and had me sit down. Almost immediately, she called my name to be registered. Registration was quick and painless and after I initialed and signed the signature pad, I was directed to the lab waiting area.

I read a bit in an old Reader’s Digest while I waited. It wasn’t long until my name was called. I was handed over to another tech for the venipuncture.

She seemed a bit nervous and unsure of herself so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had a pretty bad experience several years ago that left me with a bruise half the size of Texas on the inside of my elbow. I didn’t want a repeat. Of course, this was a different hospital and a different tech.

She felt the veins in both arms and selected the right one. She wanted to know if I’d had it drawn with a butterfly previously and I told her no. Everything proceeded as usual from there on—except. When she put the needle into the vein, it was more expertly than I’ve ever had it done before. She got it the first time and the stick was just that—a stick.

With the five vials filled, gauze folded and held in place by yellow smiley face Coflex, the other tech offered to show me out. I was done. When we got to the door I said, “She did really good.” Now, that isn’t correct as far as grammar is concerned but that’s the way we talk in the South. That’s when she told me the tech had been away from it for awhile but was getting “back in the groove”. If I have to go back, I hope I get her.

I briefly considered stopping to get something to eat at the Mexican restaurant but drove on by. Then there was Taco Bell. Those three coupons are still in my purse but it isn’t fun going somewhere like that all by myself. I continued on to Walmart, got the things I needed and took them to the car.

When I took the empty cart to the corral, there was a Walmart sales receipt on the ground. Somebody was missing out not using Savings Catcher so I picked it up. It might not net anything but “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Ugly DressHome again, home again. I put on the latest dress I got from Amazon and it isn’t my favorite. I’d made the mistake of ignoring the bad reviews and figured people just don’t know how to get rid of sizing in fabric. It’s been washed twice, once with OxyClean and once with white vinegar and it still as stiff as ever. When I put my hand in the right pocket, there was a length at the bottom that wasn’t stitched. A thread was hanging so I pulled it and made it worse. So…in addition to bad fabric, there’s bad workmanship. I’ll keep it but I’ll probably wear it more as a jumper than by itself. No telling when I’ll get up the gumption to stitch the pocket. There’s still the left one.

My cell phone battery finally gave up the ghost. I’d ordered a new one so I put it in and started it charging. That’s when I heard the lawn mower going. I went out and Cuz was riding around on this huge John Deere. She shut it off and said she wished she’d known I was gone so she could have mowed without dodging my car. I asked if she’d seen the ship. Of course not! She’d stayed while the MRI was done. I told her there were plenty of people to take care of her partner if the need arose. She knew it but, oh well.

I moved the car and she mowed.

It was after noon when I ate my first meal of the day. By then, I had a headache. Twinkle was to care for and I was in no mood to deal with mac ‘n’ cheese.

The time has marched on. I still have to drink more water and give Twinkle her allotment of food for the night. I’m done.

6 Responses to Bloodletting

  1. Terry in the keys September 18, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

    Glad you got a good tech and it didn’t take long.:-)

    • Tommie September 18, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

      My “wound” is tiny!

  2. Lila September 19, 2014 at 7:25 am #

    I’m thinking the hospital you went to is in the north end of our old home town. Am I right?

    • Tommie September 19, 2014 at 8:19 am #

      Yes, and it’s farther north (with more traffic lights in between) than the original one.

  3. Joanie September 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

    I (at first) thought you were talking about going to our hospital in Pikeville…. you can imagine what I was thinking about, while reading about “stop and go” traffic! Glad it went well for you this time!

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