I Lied

Sidetracked Home Executive. “SHE” for short. That’s me in a nutshell—and no snide remarks, please. It was my plan to get started on my day early and Accomplish. Well, from what I hear, plans are made to be changed.

First of all, before I got through my morning quiet time, I went off on a tangent. There was that pesky email from the editor asking if I could take care of the formatting that was skewed when she moved the files from the background to “go live”. When I got to the Sabbath School lesson portion of my devotions, I was reminded so I opened the files and started in.

Hard at work on those, I was surprised when the phone rang and the number displayed was the home number at Cuz’ house. She needed help. Her printer was spitting out blank pages.

I went over, took the two ink cartridges out she’d just replaced and put them back. Then I changed the default printer from the one at her construction partner’s house to the one at home. It worked. Normally, I would have taken my leave and come home but we had a lot of catching up to do. She was supposed to take Partner for an MRI at the Mother Ship. AND, speaking ships, this was the last day the LST 325 would be in Chattanooga and she wanted to go see it. I told her to leave him at the hospital and go. I doubt she did but she should have.

Go Veggie Chive and GarlicBack at my house, it was almost noon when I started fixing breakfast. It was silly to think I’d be able to fix mac ‘n’ cheese at a reasonable hour so I decided to try yet another of the GO Veggie! products. I chose the Chive & Garlic Cream Cheese. I didn’t have a bagel to smear it on so I put it on some toast. It’s actually pretty tasty but the fourth ingredient is Soy Protein Concentrate. One plus is that it’s non-GMO.

Daiya Chive and OnionHowever, the Daiya Chive & Onion cream cheese is also very tasty and it’s soy-free. Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I keep my soy intake to a minimum because of my thyroid. For that reason, Daiya takes the point for today. That’s 2-0 so far.

The mac ‘n’ cheese will have to wait for another day. In the meantime, I have put the Daiya cheddar and mozzarella shreds in the freezer since I don’t want them to become a science project. I haven’t been able to find anything about being able to freeze the GO Veggie! but the Daiya has it right on the package.

I’ve spent hours, literally, on the lessons today. A few of the corrections could be made via mass changes but not many. The others had to be done one at a time. And the orphan verses! The HTML person hadn’t linked any of them so I went through each of the mobile lessons and found as many as I could. I would love it if the uses of “verse xx”, “vs. xx” and “vss. xx, xx’ would go away. Sometimes, I have to guess what book of the Bible they’re referencing and I know I don’t always guess right.

It’s been another cool one. Twinkle has been on her heating pad most of the day. The fans are off and the door is closed. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the lower 80s. We’ll see if it makes it.

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