Half a Century?

When did I get old enough to have a son who is 50? Oh, yes! That must’ve been yesterday. It was his birthday and I’d been invited to his celebration. He’d asked to go to his favorite Mexican restaurant so I agreed to drive down yesterday afternoon and spend the night.

The Catz were in residence on the deck but I dodged them as I loaded the car. I didn’t have time to feed them but I wasn’t worried for their sakes since Cuz or somebody would be by. I loaded Twinkle’s dish with the rest of a can of food—I’d given her a spoonful out of it earlier in the day.

RefundI stopped by Bi-Lo and presented my receipt that had the overcharged avocados on it. I expected to be refunded the difference but the girl credited my credit card for $9.10. I was amazed. Questioning it, she assured me what she’d figured was correct. Seems I heard or read somewhere if the price is incorrect, it’s free. While I was there, I bought a bow to go on the folder containing the genealogy I’d copied so long ago.

I’d forgotten the long bridge I travel between Here and There is either being widened or repaired and is down to one lane. There was a bit of a wait but not terribly long and I was on my way again.

It was still a couple of hours until we were supposed to get to the restaurant that I pulled up to the house. I was greeted by the Birthday Boy and Benji.

With everything unloaded, we sat down to visit. I had my large glass o’ water so I could wash down my NAC. I sang Happy Birthday to the Honored One and gave him his present. I’d taken the rest of my granddaughter’s birthday present, too.

Along with the genealogy, I included an Amazon gift card—and it was a real card. I hadn’t realized I could print off a quarter-fold greeting card until I was looking the other day. It even gives the option of uploading a picture so here’s the one I put on the front.

A Few Birthdays Ago

He was pleased with his gifts (I’d also included a P-38 that he doubts he’ll ever use).

We made it to the restaurant only to find road construction cutting off parking in the front. DS1 called and found out we could park in the back. The back entrance was open.

The first ones there, we sat at two tables that had been pushed together. Pretty soon, a couple and their daughter arrived and then the fellow who drives the truck DS1 partners on.

My food was the last to arrive and I’d turned down anything to drink. When the refills came around, the owner questioned why I didn’t have anything to drink. She looked at me directly and demanded to know. I looked at her just as directly and said, “What goes in must come out.” She was satisfied.

When we left, it was raining but the sun was shining. I said there should be a rainbow somewhere and sure enough, there was a double one. It would get darker and more intense and then almost disappear but it was visible for a long time.

Back at the house, DS1 checked his email and he had a gift certificate from DD. He called her to thank her and started talking about when his Pawpaw has built a “tree house” for him and DS2. Actually, it was a platform with a ladder made from skinny trees but it struck me funny and I laughed until I cried. Mother would say when Hoot (his nickname) built something, it wasn’t a thing of beauty but it was a joy forever.

I talked to DD briefly and, sure enough, That Boy had come a’courtin’. I do believe they spend all their waking, non-working hours together.

As usual, I slept on the couch. I was afraid I wouldn’t sleep well without my nightly dose of melatonin but I was so tired, I did.

This morning, I woke to the dining room light blazing and DS1 typing on his notebook. He was to teach the junior class and still had to finish preparing.

Eventually, everyone was up and, after I ate a bowl of millet-rice flakes, we left for the church.

My granddaughter invited me to go to class with her and I was glad I did. It was very interesting. After we were dismissed, we met my niece and her daughter in the hallway. My niece had taught in Primary and a little girl had told her, “You’re my favorite teacher and you’re nice for an older person!” Talk about a backhanded compliment! We got a big kick out of that one. Out of the mouth of babes…

She went off with a friend so it was DS1, my DIL and me at the table for the noon meal. We had spaghetti with a homemade sauce and I tanked up.

After we were finished eating, I got my things together, DS1 helped me carry it all out and I came home to find Twinkle had downed her food except for the crumbs and was wanting more.

I called Cuz and, yes, the critters had been fed yesterday and, yes, I was to feed them today. I took care of them and came back, changed clothes and relaxed.

It’s turned cool. This evening, I fixed a cup of hot chocolate. I’d closed the bedroom windows yesterday morning and was tempted to leave them closed but it was stuffy. I opened them part way and put the comforter back on the bed. The last time I checked, it was 68 in my bedroom and 60 outside.

A volunteer tomato plant has come up in my strawberry patch. If this cool weather persists, I doubt it will set any fruit. It would be neat to have some tomatoes of my own, after all.

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  1. Lila September 14, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    Glad to hear the birthday boy is teaching the juniors. He has such an outgoing personality, he probably has a very interesting class. I hope his beautiful talent for singing is not going to waste.

    • Tommie September 14, 2014 at 8:49 am #

      His time for class was cut in half yesterday. He had 10 minutes to get everything across instead of 20. As for his singing, his asthma interferes with it.

      Thought the little girl’s remark about your daughter was cute. 😀

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