50 Years Ago Tonight

I was nine months and 11 days pregnant. My doctor must not have believed in inducing labor because it was never mentioned. I doubt I would have gone for it, anyway. I didn’t mind being pregnant. NOT being pregnant was preferable but, after all, I only weighed in at 126 lubs when I presented at the hospital. Besides, I’m of the belief that it’s better for babies to be born when babies are ready.

Now, that 6 lub 8 ozzie baby will be 50 years old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe I’m of the age that makes it possible to have a son who is hitting the half century mark.

This morning, Cuz texted she was stopping by so she’d feed the critters. I’d rejoiced prematurely because an hour later, she texted she was sorry but something had come up. I’d be doing the chores, after all.

Today has been overcast and misty. I did hear a clap of thunder but I don’t think it ever opened up and rained.

I got an email from Walmart regarding my latest Savings Catcher results.

My Savings Catcher

Another $1.60 was added to my balance. The freezer bags I bought were on sale at Family Dollar for less than I paid at Walmart. PLUS, I’d used a coupon with them and Walmart refunds in spite of that. I doubt that I’ll have enough built up to pay for Christmas gifts but I’ll let it sit until there’s a goodly amount.

Twinkle hasn’t been as rowdy today as she was yesterday. Maybe she’s to the stage of having “good days and bad days” like the rest of us old ladies.

The lessons are ready for me to do my thing but I’ve begged off until Sunday. I have bigger fish to fry.

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