Done and Done

Today has been unremarkable. I worked on the helps some more and got all of them ready to upload. Twinkle has been fed several times and the critters have been cared for. There’s been little out of the ordinary until…

I went into the kitchen and was getting ready to feed Twinkle again when I noticed movement in the sink. I’d left a few dishes in there from my last meal of the day but in moving them around, I saw something that looked like this:

Wolf Spider, too

Rather than try to capture it bare-handed, I grabbed a plastic container and turned it down over it so it couldn’t escape. The lid was put next to it and eased underneath until the arachnid was fully contained. I then took it outdoors and set it free. And, no, the spider in the picture isn’t one and the same. I found it online and it was labeled for reuse so I reused it.

Well, Twinkle has been fed and I’m drinking my water late so I’ll be sure to get my exercise tonight.

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