Oh, CRUD!!

I may have to make a special trip to town to get some dental floss. This is the second day I haven’t had the pleasure of flossing (that’s being sarcastic—I don’t enjoy it) and my teeth feel icky. I looked up substitutes and they are either things I don’t have or answers like string cheese or a hacksaw blade. haha

It’s been warmer today than it was the last couple. The will to exercise eluded me.

I had a message from Cuz apologizing for the truck in my turn-around. She also told me they’ll be gone for a bit. My CIL will feed tomorrow and then it will be up to me. Again.

There isn’t a whole lot to write about. It just occurred to me I didn’t get the mail today. My sister did and her electric bill for the past month was $61.91. I doubt mine will get that low this summer. All the fans I have going probably take more juice than that.

Twinkle’s been fed. I need to drink my water so I can get my walking in tonight.

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