Verrrry In-ter-est-ink

This episode of credit card fraud has hit me harder than the last time (it could be because that was three weeks and five days before this one). Last night, I had a hard time going to sleep. I went to bed but was back up a half hour later. When I did go to sleep, it wasn’t for long.

My orders for B-12 patches are always accompanied by an envelope of Calm powder. I’d never tried it so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. The instructions said to put the contents into a small amount of water. When it finished fizzing, add more water and drink. I did what it said though I wondered why the additional water was needed. I found out—but quick! It was so sour, it about turned me wrong side out. I went back to bed and I was either too tired to stay awake or it worked.

The clock across the room read 7:41 when I woke. DD can tell you that’s sleeping in for me.

I went over to conference with my cousin for a few minutes this morning. She invited me in but I came back home so I could get started on my day.

I managed to get enough almond milk out of the carton to take my vitamins after a breakfast with no fresh fruit. I took my bath while Cuz mowed the lawn.

When I was dressed (aren’t you glad?) I went over to catch her up on the goings-on with her web site and let her know I was leaving for town. She figured they’d be gone when I got back and she was right.

At Walmart, I bought the bare essentials. Bananas (price matched at 44 cents a lub), three large mangoes for 98 cents each, almond milk and a few other piddly things. I got in line behind a woman in a crinkly gauzy dress. When she raised her arm, I could tell in no uncertain terms that she had nothing on under it, at least from the waist up. She did have on drawers, though. They were printed which showed through the gauze.

I paid for my purchases with a check. Since it was the first time in years that I’d done that, I had to show my ID and give my phone number. The young man asked if I wanted cash so I got $20. That would solve buying gas. I definitely didn’t want to use my debit card anywhere.

On my way to the car, I saw the airily dressed woman loading her purchases into a tiny car. When I looked it up, it’s a smart fortwo but it’s a good thing she was the only one or she wouldn’t have had room for all of the bags. She must not be too observant because she was parked in a handicapped space.

smart fortwo

Now, that might be a common sight elsewhere but not in my neck of the woods.

I stopped at my usual gas station and put $10 worth in. That took the gauge from 1/4 tank to 1/2. Used to be, it would have filled it up but no more.

When I got home, it had started sprinkling. On my way out to unload, it had started raining. I came back in and was going to wait for it to go on past but it looked like it was wide-spread. I pulled up wunderground and, sure enough, it stretched ‘way to the west. I got my umbrella and wrangled things in one-handed.

DD had called and left voice mail so I called her back after I drank my water. We visited for a little more than 45 minutes when she figured she should do some straightening up before her company arrived. She, her boyfriend, merm and her girlfriend were going out to eat at a Thai restaurant. The most adventurous we can get around here is Mexican but there IS a good ‘un.

I had to leave and go to the business meeting that was postponed from two weeks ago. It was winding down when I left a couple minutes before 8. I got home at 8:18. It was dark enough the headlights of oncoming cars really bothered me, especially the blue tinted ones. They seemed to bore into my brain they were so bright.

During the meeting, I had some coughing episodes. The people close to me were very concerned. There was really nothing I could do but cover my mouth and cough. It just has to run its course but I sound like I’m dying in the process.

It’s going on 9 o’clock. I’d better make sure Twinkle is attended to and drink my last 16 ozzies of water. That will insure my getting up multiple times in the night.

2 Responses to Verrrry In-ter-est-ink

  1. Denise Scruggs August 17, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

    This is the computer owner needing a tune up. I was doing some researching for cotton clothing items. My computer started behaving differently and I tried to solve the problem. The home page lost the shortcuts somehow and now it is on the google homepage. This is what happens when I adventure into new territory!!! Was I too brave for my own good??? I enjoy how you make shopping sound fun! As a woman I am afraid I did not get the shopping gene.I will wait till either the cupboards are bare to nearly bare or have company to visit the grocery store. I do not enjoy sticker shock!!!

    • Tommie August 18, 2014 at 12:41 am #

      Did you alter some settings?

      My mother taught me to observe and never be bored. I don’t like shopping, either, but I make friends as I go. As for sticker shock I do my homework before I leave the house and price match whatever I can. Oh, and buying in bulk can lower the cost sometimes.

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