Cooling au Naturel

I was up running bathwater at midnight—again. This time, though, it was to get warm. While the tub filled, I put the comforter back on the bed and plugged the heater back in to warm up the water in the mattress. I’d slept fitfully, what little I’d slept.

Once I warmed up and crawled back into a warm(er) bed, I ended up in Dreamland, for sure.

My store of nectarines and plums is gone. I ate the rest of the cherries for supper yesterday. That doesn’t mean I’m without fresh froot, though. This was my first course at breakfast—mango and blueberries (as if you couldn’t tell).


I noticed I had much the same plateful a little over a week ago. I’m not bragging about my food. It’s to let people know I can still eat well even though I haven’t been to town for almost two weeks. Of course, I bought peaches but they aren’t ripe yet. Makes me wonder what the temperatures are doing to the fruit that’s still on the trees.

My housecoat has been pressed into service pretty much all day today. When I got dressed, I put it on for warmth. Right now, the temperature outside is said to be 57 degrees. It’s 61 at the elementary school in the valley. Maybe those katydids are right about the first frost.

Speaking of frost, I’d love to plant some kale. There’s nothing better than homegrown kale that’s been subjected to a good frost. It makes it so sweet.

Twinkle is back on the heating pad. I don’t blame her. This weather is crazy cool.

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