When I went to the mailbox today after I was sure the Catz were busy eating their food (they have the bad habit of following me and I don’t want them getting in the road), there was no letter from Humana. There was nothing at all which is my goal. I have very little in the way of junk mail and I want to keep it that way.

In spite of no communication, I called the billing company for the hospitalist. I was on hold for much longer than the predicted five minutes and I’ll have to tell you, their hold music is the chattiest I’ve ever heard. It even beats what you get when you call the Mother Ship.

When the call was finally answered by a real person, I had to give the account number, my name, address, phone number, date of birth and (I kid you not) the last four digits of my Social Security number before I could state my business. Finally, the rep asked if she was speaking to Tommie or to Tommie’s representative. I believe in HIPAA. I was a proponent of privacy in the workplace when I was working but this, my dear people, is overkill.

Anyway, in a conversation that was shorter than the preliminaries, I told the rep that the claim had been reprocessed on 06/11 and they should receive payment soon if they hadn’t already. She verified they had, in fact, received the payment and it had been posted. And that was that.

Pineapple ToolI killed my pineapple. I was going to use my pineapple corer thingy but I find there’s lots more waste with it than when I use a knife so I ditched that plan. The pineapple has a good flavor. I ate several pieces of it before I started in on my sorbet/nectarine/blueberry mix.

Last night, I broke out a fresh can of cat food and, in 24 hours, Twinkle has eaten 7/8 of it. That’s seven times as much as she was eating when DD was here in December. Actually, she wasn’t eating 1/8 of a can every day then. A lot of her food went to the Catz. I wish I had her metabolism. She’s still skinny.

DD sent out her new address today. She’s still not sure what she will do about phone service. Since she has Internet access, she could have the MagicJack. Yeah, right. Like I could see her doing that. It’s for old people like me.

I’ve emailed the editor about the templates for the 4th quarter. The earlier I get started, the better my chances for getting it done without having to rush.

There’s been no rain today. It clouded up around 6:30 but nothing ever happened. It will probably hold off until I have Somewhere to Go.

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  1. Lila June 27, 2014 at 7:45 am #

    Is it Twinkle’s metabolism that keeps her skinny, or her health problem? Or am I mistaken about a health problem?

    • Tommie June 27, 2014 at 7:59 am #

      Her hyperthyroidism speeds up her metabolism.

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